Development of nut renderer based on DCL dialog language

AutoCAD software is powerful, easy to use and easy to redevelop, and is widely used in mechanical design and drawing. However, in drawing mechanical assembly drawings, it is sometimes necessary to draw a large number of front or side graphics of standard parts, for example, the front graphic of the nut, which will increase the workload of the design drawing. Some users save the drawing time by creating tiles, but as long as the nut parameters change, it is inconvenient to use; some users use the AutoLISP language to develop programs for drawing various standard parts graphics, although the problem of parameter changes is solved, but Programs developed only with the AutoLISP language can only exchange data with the system at the command line according to the prompts of the system. The operation speed is slow and the efficiency is low. If you can use the DCL dialog language provided by AutoCAD to develop the standard graphics renderer, designers can intuitively and conveniently communicate with the system through the DCLXf dialog box, greatly improving the accuracy and speed of the drawing. For example, when drawing the front pattern of the nut, the user can quickly draw the desired nut pattern by simply inputting a small nut outline size and positional parameters.

1 nut front view DCL dialog development (1) first create a dialog frame, the dialog named woodworking machine 2014 No. 3 (3) add prompt statements, prompting the user how to use the dialog.

"; the effect is as shown.

The mother is facing the renderer input data I click on the start I then 1 determine: then click OK 1 (4) use a line box and add the coordinate data edit box of the input position, and write the code of the edit box category in the box.

蠼 正 正 泡 1 1 input data 1 first click start and then click OK - input nut center point paving in the line box to add the first edit box, its title is the X-axis coordinate ", the key value is set to cpx The width is 5, centered.

The edit box code for the input contour size is written below. In order to put these codes together, you can set up a line box.

The effect is as shown.

% mother positive view draw tears input data - enter cow x axis coordinates p mother wheel gallery only 6 click start 1 then click OK! Fix (3) Add the code of the input nut diameter and nut inner radius radius edit box in the new line frame.

Label = "nut diameter"; Label: "nut inner hole radius, the effect is as shown.

The nut is S drawing the volume input data I first click start I and then click OK - enter the axe center point x-axis coordinate to add a second edit box, the title is the Y-axis coordinate ", the key value is set to Cpy, the width is 5 , centered layout.

The female front view draws 匍s input data, first click start I and then click OK I input 蜾 mother center point 蜾 mother wheel portrait size parameter 蜾 female diameter nut inner hole radius 皤 mother front view paint scraper input data, eve input nut Click on the X-axis coordinates and click OK to determine the Y-axis coordinates! Fix) Save the program code of steps (1)-(8) above as a file whose name is lm.dcl.

2 nut front view AutoLISP main program in the autoLISP main program of the nut front view, the nut size parameter can be input according to standard or non-standard data, AutoCAD draws the nut according to the user input data.

When the user clicks the OK button, it is transferred to the subroutine datemanage to execute (2) the subroutine for processing the data. The subroutine for drawing the nut can be compiled according to the description (3), which consists of a series of drawing commands.

After the program is compiled, save it as a file with the name loadm.lsp. The program runs as shown in the figure.

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4 Conclusion The combination of programmable dialog functions can be used to design various forms of dialog applications. Mechanical drafters can greatly improve the speed and quality of drawing by designing DCL programmable dialogs based on the characteristics of various standard parts views.

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