Reinforcing steel is an indispensable part of building a house. The choice is also very important. There are many classification reinforcement, also called muscle force reinforcement means in concrete structures, by the configuration of the bending, pressure, tensile and other basic reinforcement

Since this year, 70% of steel stocks have outperformed the market from low valuations and favorable factors such as the concept of transformation reform. First-quarter results of listed steel companies have been released, with nearly half of steel companies making losses. However, differen

There are more and more brands of finger-joint boards on the market. Many people will ask which brand of finger-joint boards is better ? Fingerboards can be used as wardrobes to deter insects, and close-fitting brain balls can be used in the closet. Let's take a look at the characteristics of

The best way to harmonics is to use an active filter compensation cabinet. Schematic diagram of 10kV harmonic control implementation The test point is tested and tested on the secondary side of the 10kV transformer. The transformer ratio is 2000:1. The 11th and 13th harmonic current data before

With the development of society, people's quality of life has improved, and the way of health has become more deeply rooted in people's minds. People's life is increasingly focused on their own health, cervical spine is an important part of the body, neck pillows to become a new trend

Now in the duplex home improvement, many people choose the pvc stair handrail when they install the stairs and select the handrails . PVC material unique waterproof, fire, pest control, anti-UV, acid and alkali, non-corrosive, no rust, non-conductive properties, smooth surface appearance, no paint

First, the decoration selection Material decoration is the basic of home decoration, the material's good and bad directly affect the effect of home improvement. Therefore, the choice of decoration materials is very particular. 1. Material Safety The use of toxic materials for decoration not onl