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The radiation damage of building materials to the human body is mainly carried out in two aspects: one is external irradiation, mainly γ-ray ionizing radiation; the other is internal irradiation, mainly by inhaling radioactive gas--氡, releasing α in close proximity in the body. Radi

What kind of trees are “red sandalwood”, which is known as a famous noun in the market? Experts say that there is no “red sandalwood” tree in the world. According to the Annex of GB/T15036.1-2001 "Solid Wood Flooring", no tree species is called "red sanda

The size of the window has a taboo for the bedroom Feng Shui 6 In one third of life, we spend almost every time in the bedroom. The bedroom is the last safe haven for everyone. It is also a daily gas station. The environment in the bedroom is directly related to a person’s rest and sle

【ALUMINIUM NETWORK】 Due to the cost of polyurethane type powder coating, despite its many advantages, it is rarely seen on the market. Most manufacturers produce polyester/TGIC and polyester/HAA powder coatings. , As a special heat transfer powder coating for aluminum profiles. The fol

Crystal ceiling lamp buying tips Crystal ceiling lamps are popular among many people because they can bring fashion and luxury to the house. The development of diode and fiber technology makes the current crystal ceiling lamps lighter and more compact, and is also very suitable for modern hom

The current domestic sanitary market and the Warring States era are exactly the same, although it is said that China currently has a number of powerful companies and can take up each one, such as Guangdong Foshan, Chaozhou enterprises, and Xiamen, Fujian, Nanan area companies, Hebei Tangsh