Recently, a solar energy company in California has developed the corresponding Google glasses application and used it in solar panel installation and employee training. For most people, Google Glass looks very interesting but not practical. It's just an illusion of "tec

Tiles are often stained with greasy, rust, scum, etc., especially light-colored tiles will expose these problems early, so how to clean these beautiful light-colored tiles has become a problem that plagues people. The method of cleaning the light-colored tiles for your reference: Method 1: Us

【China Aluminum Network】 Aluminum alloys and aluminum profiles usually require surface treatment to meet different requirements. Common aluminum alloy surface treatments include electroplating, spraying, drawing, anode, sandblasting, passivation, polishing, oxide film processing, etc.

The screw chiller is responsible for providing industrial chilled water (controlling water temperature at 0~35°C, or 0~-40°C). Many users need 24 hours of continuous operation. Therefore, the unit should not have any problems. However, no matter which kind of chiller, if the use time is too

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The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee closed today. The China's reform programmatic documents, which led to widespread speculation and discussion before the meeting, will soon be available. This is also regarded as the first systematic debut of the Xi Shi Zheng program. In

Dulux gold five-in-one ( click picture to see the product ) Good quality paints will not only be very nicely decorated, but they can also be waterproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof and have a longer life. However, if the home improvement paint purchased has problems in terms of environmental prote