Abstract Recently, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced the list of “leaders” of enterprise standards in Hebei Province in 2018, and six enterprise standards were selected. The six enterprise standards are: "Welded Diamond Circular Saw Blade" standard

As the most widely used multi-site bactericide , mancozeb, which belongs to the dithiocarbamate in sulfur preparations, under the action of water and air, the agent sprayed on the surface of the plant is converted into EBIS and EBI inhibit the spore germination of pathogens an

Squeegee is the most widely used tool in repairing. There are flat head, pointed head and round head. It is mainly used to repair the larger plane of molding sand (core), cutting grooves and casting ribs, trimming sand blanks or soft and hard sand. Bed, the reinforcement na

The tin suction line is a special maintenance tool. Its appearance greatly reduces the time for rework and repair of electronic products, and greatly reduces the risk of thermal damage to circuit boards. Sophisticated design ensures maximum surface tension and ability to ab

When the majority of non-metallic powder enterprises purchase new equipment, the acceptance of the equipment is very important and can be carried out in several stages. 1. User technical experts go to the production plant for production supervision This actually includes the components of the p

Abstract Beijing time on Thursday (October 11), according to CNBC, Tesla, who has been in turmoil for several months due to CEO Musk, is pushing ahead with plans to build a production plant in China. According to people familiar with the matter, the company I am taking land in Shanghai to bui

On November 9, the first Beijing Future Science City Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Development Conference was successfully held in Beijing Future Science City. The theme of this conference was to strengthen collaborative innovation and promote the independent development of domestic hydrogen en