For different pesticide varieties, the method of use is different, especially when using some special pesticide preparations, they must understand their own characteristics and precautions to avoid irreparable results. Acidic pesticide Features: There are many pesticide var

Nowadays, automatic sealing pockets are a kind of bag that we often use, because it is easy to use and popular, and today China Plastics Industry website - Jiuzhi Plastics Co., Ltd. focuses on the raw materials for the production of automatic sealing pockets. The specific raw materials are as follow

Minimum illumination is a measure of camera sensitivity, in other words, the camera can see the available images in dark conditions. However, because there is no international standard for management, the first large CCD manufacturer has its own method of measuring the CCD sensitivity. However, a c

/*kangxianyue 250*250 was created on 2017/3/29*/ var cpro_id = "u2939694"; ZZ91 information: Regardless of which plastic packaging is used, it must meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; solve environmental problems of solvents; recycle an

Volume 32, Issue 4, Manufacturing Tolerance, Influence on Strength Dispersion of Composite Bolted Connections Zhao Libin H, Shan Meijuan 2, Peng Lei 3, Ji Shaohua 3, Jia Xiwen 3, Xu Jifeng 3 (1. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of Aerospace, Beijing 100191; 2. Beijing Unive

The biggest difference between the splitter and the splitter is that the output to the TV is different. The splitter outputs BR output to the TV, and the splitter is the OUT output. The OUT output port of the splitter is the output port for the branch distributor to be output to the lower branch, b

Abstract Manufacturing PMI was slightly lower than expected last month. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the manufacturing PMI in December 2015 was 49.7%, of which the consumer goods manufacturing industry grew steadily, especially in automobile manufacturing,