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The yield of winter melon in China is relatively high. During the peak season of autumn harvest, the price has plummeted due to the simultaneous listing with various vegetables. If the farmer can use the existing conditions of the farm to delay the storage and preservation of

1. The main part of the lifting chain is the tightness, and the most prone to tight spots is the inclination of the doors and windows, especially the doors. If the welding is not good, cracking will occur after a certain strength and pressure. Broken condition. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attent

The potted mini monstera is placed in the bright scattering light of the indoors during the growing season, and placed near the south window sill in the winter, so that it can see more sunshine, and the growth is more strong. The growth temperature is 20~30°C, and the air temperature is mai

According to the China Pesticide Network , the diseases that harm cucumber are mainly: downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose and blight. Downy mildew prevention: Downy mildew is a fungal disease, the humidity is too large, and there are water droplets on the leaves, which

Soft wallpaper installation process: The construction process of wallpaper installation should be: wall inspection, grassroots treatment, inspection of wallpaper, painting base film, measuring wall surface, cutting wallpaper, blending glue, glue on paper, pasting wallpaper, checking and clean

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