You need to pay attention to the problem of furniture price tags

In a recent interview, the reporter found that the two items on the furniture label, such as the material and the place of origin, perform differently in each store. Some store price tags do not have this information. Although some store price tags indicate these contents, they appear to be incorrect or even mislead consumers; The information marked on the signature leads to "being deceived". Jinghua Furniture reminds consumers to check the furniture price tag and save the price tag in order to protect their rights when buying furniture.

List of furniture store label survey




1 This price tag only marked the size, place of origin and barcode, no information about the material.

2 The name of "Manufacturer" is written in the field of origin.

3 The column of materials in the price tag says "solid wood furniture".

The Da Vinci incident made consumers extremely sensitive to the information about the material and origin of furniture. During a recent visit to the market, the reporter found that the two items on the furniture label appear to be colorful. Some store price tags do not have this information. Although some store price tags are marked with these contents, they appear to be incorrect, and some may even mislead consumers; on the other hand, some consumers are not Pay attention to the information marked on the price tag and lead to "be fooled". Jinghua Furniture reminds consumers to check the furniture price tag and save the price tag in order to protect their rights when buying furniture.


Some store price tags are unclear

Recently, the reporter visited a number of stores selling furniture, and found that the styles of price tags used in each store are not uniform, and the number of items marked on the price tags is different. Material and other information. The details and descriptions of the two important information about the origin and material are also different. Some stores are very professional and detailed in describing materials, and some stores are not standardized in the sign of origin.

How to mark the price tag is open for discussion

Judging from the survey results, most stores are still able to mark the material and the origin label, but in the content of the filling, many places are debatable. For example, the "origin" is filled in only the name of the production plant, not the name of the place of production. As another example, the material is marked as "solid wood", which is a vague statement. In the national standard GB / T 3324-2008 "General Technical Conditions for Wooden Furniture", wooden furniture is divided into "solid wood furniture", "artificial board furniture" and "integrated wooden furniture" according to "main materials of product composition" . Among them, solid wood furniture is divided into three types: "full solid wood furniture", "solid wood furniture" and "solid wood veneer furniture". Among them, in addition to all solid wood furniture, all parts (except mirror pallets and beading) are made of solid wood sawn wood or solid wood plate, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture, except for the base material, may not use solid wood materials Ordinary consumers may not know the difference.

In addition, the term "solid wood frame" is also vague. There is no such thing as "frame" in the "General Technical Conditions for Wooden Furniture". Consumers' understanding of the term "frame" may be inconsistent, and some consumers may understand that "solid wood frame" refers to the base material of furniture It is solid wood. The salesperson at Chanel Livable told reporters that the store ’s furniture is mostly wood-paneled furniture. In fact, most of the current board-wood combined furniture uses plates in the base material, such as the surface of the table, drawers, side panels, etc., which belongs to the scope of "frame" in the eyes of many consumers.


Mostly do not pay attention to price tag information

The reporter interviewed many consumers and found that most consumers simply look at the price tag on the price tag when buying furniture. Many consumers think that only "price" is useful information on the price tag. I didn't notice that the price tag also contains material, origin, and other useful information for shopping. Consumer Mr. Liang's statement is very representative. He said, "When buying furniture, I basically don't look at the price tag. At most, I look at the price. I never pay attention to other information on the price tag." Consumer Ma said, "A lot of times, I don't look at the price tag. Sometimes I don't even look at the price from the top. Just ask the salesperson directly, you don't have to look at the price tag."

One consumer realized the necessity of looking at price tags. Consumer Mr. Li said that he had purchased a leather sofa some time ago. The salesperson did not say that the sofa was a half-leather sofa, and he thought it was a full-leather sofa. When he arrived home, he found that the sofa was not full-skin, and felt that he was fooled. Later, he spent a lot of time talking about it. "But when I went to the store to see it later, I found that the price tag on this sofa clearly read the word" Half-Skin ". I felt very regretful at the time. If I looked at the price tag at that time, it would not be behind. So many problems. "

â–  Tip It is necessary to view and save the price tag

Judging from the reporter's investigation of the store's price tags, many store's price tags still have a relatively clear mark on the material and origin of the furniture, including some of the issues that are most likely to cause future disputes, such as whether the sofa is full leather or Half-skin, whether the furniture is all solid wood or combination of wood and wood, solid wood veneer, domestic or imported, are clearly marked on the price tag. However, this information is not very detailed in other promotional materials of the merchants, and many misleading descriptions may appear in the promotional materials. For example, many furniture promote themselves as "European and American furniture" and "international furniture", but the actual origin is The above is in China. Some furniture advertise themselves as "European and American classic furniture". The product looks like all solid wood, but it is actually a combination of board and wood. The reporter found that if the consumer does not ask the salesperson about the material and origin of many furniture, the salesperson may hide it or use misleading language to explain it. Although not all price tags are marked very comprehensively and accurately, for some regular brand stores, the credibility of price tags is still relatively high, which can be used as an important reference information for consumers when purchasing.

Wang Shiping, a lawyer from Tongchuang Law Firm, said that if there is no other oral or written agreement between the two parties that conflicts with the content of the price tag, the content marked on the price tag can be considered as part of the contract between the two parties, and the price tag shall prevail in the event of a dispute . Qiu Baochang, the head of the China Consumers Association lawyers group, said that if the furniture information marked on the price tag is inconsistent with the salesperson ’s statement, according to the principle of “who reports, who will prove”, consumers must provide evidence by themselves and indicate that they are inconsistent May win the lawsuit. After all, proof is a very troublesome thing, so Jinghua Home still recommends consumers to check the label and save the evidence of the price tag when buying furniture.

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