Bathroom decoration waterproof material which is good to buy waterproof materials principles and techniques

Due to the frequent use of water in the bathroom, the decoration that is not in place will directly affect the ceiling and the wall, and bring a lot of inconvenience to life. Therefore, the choice of the bathroom waterproof coating is very important. Bathroom seepage water is generally caused by unqualified waterproof material. The following Xiaobian said that the bathroom decoration waterproof material .

1, environmental protection

If environmentally friendly products are used, harmful gases will slowly release from the tiles and cement after the waterproof layer is completed. The formal building materials market is the first choice for us to purchase waterproof materials. We choose brand awareness and good reputation products. These products are equipped with product certification, product testing report and CTC logo.

2, the construction of operability

Although some waterproof materials perform well, construction operations are not easy. If it is difficult to make joint tightly sealed anti-stick webs, it is difficult to spread evenly powdered materials. Therefore, when buying, try to choose a waterproof material with good waterproof effect and simple construction.

3, the characteristics are not stiff

In general, waterproof coatings are divided into two kinds: rigid and flexible. Cement mortars are rigid. These materials have high compressive and infiltration resistance after forming. The disadvantage is that their extensibility is not enough. There is a slight earthquake. It will cause cracking or sew in the ground, which is more likely to cause water leakage and lose its waterproof effect. The representative of the flexible waterproof layer is an acrylic waterproof coating. Its elasticity and plasticity are quite good, and it is well adapted to the partial deformation of the structure, and the waterproof performance is relatively good.

4, easy construction

Waterproof construction in bathroom renovation is generally completed by ordinary plasterers, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of waterproof construction. The simpler the construction of waterproof materials, the better. Construction is a matter of decoration workers, but the selection of bathroom waterproof materials is closely related to us. Therefore, we must prudently purchase waterproof material, and the brand of consumer-approved bathroom waterproof coating is preferred, and the quality is verified by consumers.

5, long service life

The waterproof rate of the waterproof part of the bathroom is high, the pipeline is complex, the leakage is very harmful, the cost of rework is high, and the permanent leak-proof, impermeable, moisture-proof waterproof material is our first choice.

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