The rational selection of cotton bollworm control is the key

To improve the control effect of cotton bollworm, rational selection of pesticides is the key.

Among the pyrethroid pesticides, enemy killing, cypermethrin, beta-cypermethrin, kungfu, etc. are effective in controlling cotton bollworm, and are mainly used to control three generations of cotton bollworm. However, the production of cotton aphid has been highly resistant to such pesticides, and the control of cotton aphid is almost ineffective. When a cotton aphid is mixed with cotton bollworm, pyrethroid pesticides are generally not used.

Among organophosphorus pesticides, phoxim has a good effect on the control of cotton bollworm, but phoxim is easy to decompose when light is visible, and the efficacy period is short. The monocrotophos has a wide spectrum of insecticidal activity, and has control effects on cotton bollworm, cotton aphid, red spider, etc., but the effect is general. It is difficult to control the hazard by using monocrotophos alone in the occurrence of cotton bollworm, and should be mixed with other agents.

Among the carbamate pesticides, methomyl (Wanling) has a good effect on the control of cotton bollworms and can kill young larvae and eggs. Among the compounding agents, cotton boll, jingling, and Xinguang No. 1 have obvious effects on the control of cotton bollworm. Among biological pesticides, Bt preparations can control cotton bollworms, which can be sprayed at the peak of hatching period, 2 to 3 days earlier than spraying chemical pesticides, and have higher control effect on newly hatched larvae.

In addition, do a good job in pest investigation, timely spraying and prevention; improve spraying methods to improve the quality of prevention and control; alternate use of pesticides, delay the generation of pest resistance, etc., is also a key measure to control cotton bollworm.

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