Henan Shangqiu “Talent into the Park” accelerates the upgrading of super-hard materials and other industries

A few years ago, Shangqiu Xinyuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was still an insignificant small enterprise. Today, the company has become a provincial high-tech enterprise with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. On December 21, the company’s change was mentioned. Chairman Shao Dayong said, “This is mainly due to the introduction of high-quality talents such as Wa Chonglong, a master student in materials engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, which has enabled the company to upgrade its superhard materials. ."

Since the beginning of this year, in order to promote the construction of industrial agglomeration areas, Shangqiu City has launched the “Thousand Talents Entering the Park” activities, and launched a series of measures to attract talents, talents, talents, and talents. Eight major measures, such as agglomeration plan, start-up talent support project, and university students' activities in the park, encourage, guide, and organize the gathering of experts to gather entrepreneurial development in the park. The government has given special support to the talents introduced in the park in terms of labor security housing conditions and venture capital.

A large number of professionals have been continuously introduced to inject momentum into the rapid development of Shangqiu City's industrial clusters. Yongcheng has openly recruited more than 100 high-level talents nationwide to help enterprises achieve cooperation with more than 20 institutions of higher learning and research institutes. At present, through the introduction of talents, the 500,000 tons methanol project, the 200,000 tons dimethyl ether project and the China Flour Quality Testing Center have been completed and put into use; electronic aluminum foil, public food industry, permanent salary color spinning, Japan Miyagawa, land Projects such as the automobile manufacturing have been completed. The agricultural and animal husbandry research group consisting of 21 doctors and professors from Shangqiu Teachers College has established cooperative relations with 9 agricultural enterprises including Huanghuan Breeding Co., Ltd. and Dingfeng Feed Co., Ltd., which has promoted regional agricultural and animal husbandry technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Up to now, there have been more than 660 high-end talents in the industrial clusters in Shangqiu, which have helped enterprises solve 628 problems and 415 innovative technologies.

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