Influence on the service life of roller sand machine

With the development of mines in recent years, sand making equipment is a popular mechanical device and is the right arm of a user's friend. In the daily production, there are some common problems that affect the production efficiency. It seems that these so-called failures have little effect, but if the minor failure is not dealt with in time, it will evolve into a major failure. The common problem in the daily production of the roller sand machine is the wear phenomenon, which affects the service life of the crushing equipment. Our Huasheng Ming specializing in the production of roller sand machine has 30 years of qualification, excellent quality and good reputation. Our technicians have been exploring for practical production for many years and summed up the reasons that affect the service life of the roller sand machine:
1. Failed to adjust the thickness of the roll gap pad in time according to the wear and welding repair conditions of the roller, causing large pressure fluctuations during operation and large vibration of the machine, resulting in short machine life cycle.
2. During the welding repair process, due to the limited level of welding repair technology or the inaccurate measurement of the machine diameter and roundness, uneven welding of the roller surface of the roller is caused, resulting in uneven force distribution on the roller surface.
3, wear-resistant electrode quality is poor, can not be well combined with the roller surface base material to produce delamination or crack.
4, the roller surface temperature is too low or in the process of welding repair machine surface material is not completely clean, resulting in slag and sandwich phenomenon.
5, In addition to iron is not completely, resulting in iron debris into the river Pebble crusher, causing the wear of the machine.
In addition to the above reasons, the operator is also required to carefully maintain and regularly check during use. The maintenance of a good roller sand machine can greatly extend the service life of the roller sand machine components. The other parts of the sand making machine are also suitable. During the use of the roller sand machine, attention should be paid to observation, regular maintenance, timely detection of problems, timely treatment, and failure to kill in the bud, will be able to extend the service life of the roller sand machine and reduce the company's production costs. 13838274368 18737170196

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