EPS plastic downstream products market north cargo shift competition is intensifying

Affected by cold air, the demand for many raw materials has shown a sluggish trend. For example, the northern plate market has already shrunk. The remaining amount is mostly concentrated on color steel plates and packaging. The external wall insulation has basically ended. In terms of demand, the foam packaging in the South is affected by “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve”. The demand is at a high level, and the overall downstream construction load is high. Recently, the price of EPS plastics is in a high market, so the downstream terminal customers High-priced goods are more resistant, inhibiting purchases, and current on-demand purchases dominate the market.
The northeast region is currently in the final stage, and the remaining amount is limited. Most of Heilongjiang's products companies have been shut down for maintenance, leaving only small form factor packaging. There are a large number of parking lots in the downstream factories in Jilin. Demand in the northern part of Liaoning has basically ended, and there are still a small amount of color steel plates and packaging usage in the south.
The downstream plant in Chongqing has a start-up load of about 70%, of which about 100% is started. The downstream plants in Zhejiang/Fujian have a starting load of 7-8 percent, partially operating at full capacity.
About 80% of the enterprises in Shanxi have stopped parking, and traders have left the market one after another. There are a large number of parking in the northern part of Henan, and the construction load of the southern downstream plants is about 50%. The downstream construction load of the downstream factories in Shaanxi is less than 50%, and some even only around 30%.
The amount of plate used in Shandong has been shrinking, and the packaging demand is relatively good. The overall consumption has shrunk by about 1/3 compared with the previous period. It is reported that the polarization of packaging demand is more obvious, large enterprises have sufficient orders, high starting load, small business orders are sporadic, and the starting load is obviously limited.
The downstream factories in the Yangtze River Delta region have a working load of about 80%, and some of them can run at full capacity. Among them, packaging demand for household appliances, small household appliances, nutritional products, and alcohol is dominant. The downstream plants in the Pearl River Delta region have a starting load of more than 80%, and some of them are operating at full capacity.
At present, the focus of market consumption is constantly moving south, and the supply of northern enterprises has gradually begun to enter the southern market, which has not greatly improved the competitive pressure of the local market. However, due to the shrinking of the northern usage, the overall situation of the north cargo shift is very limited. The EPS enterprise equipment has been in a state of reduced load operation, and even the phenomenon of parking maintenance is not uncommon. Some of them are not very clear even before the Spring Festival. Start work plan.

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