The difference between infrared light and white light

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There are two types of infrared cameras on the security surveillance market. One is an infrared light camera and the other is a white light camera. What is the difference between an infrared light and a white light?

White light

The concept of the difference between infrared and white light

Infrared light is a special kind of illumination method. It uses the spectrum of near-infrared wavelength that the human eye can't feel to provide illumination. Therefore, it has the advantages of good concealment and high luminous efficiency. Ordinary CCD black and white cameras not only can sense visible light, but also can feel infrared light. This is the basic principle of using the ordinary CCD black and white camera, with infrared light to achieve night vision more economically. The spectral characteristics of ordinary color cameras cannot feel infrared light, so they cannot be used for infrared night vision. The infrared radiation power is proportional to the forward operating current, but at the maximum rated value of the forward current, the temperature of the device rises due to the heat consumption of the current, causing the light emission power to decrease.

The white light is a new type of green lighting fixture that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a kind of visible light and belongs to the cold light source. It is widely used in the road monitoring project. The bayonet camera takes the auxiliary lighting tool of the motor vehicle brand of the past bayonet, and is used for the parking lot entrance and exit camera of the community parking lot. Recording the auxiliary lighting in and out of the motor vehicle brand. Because the camera captures the color in the auxiliary lighting of the white light at night, it can also be used for auxiliary lighting of the camera at the gate of enterprises and institutions, especially suitable for matching with single color cameras. use.

The difference between infrared light and white light

Infrared lights are used for nighttime concealment or undisturbed monitoring, for auxiliary illumination, and for human eyes. Get a black and white image.

White light can be used as a street light if it is used for nighttime surveillance. It can even be used as a street light. The beam is concentrated and glaring. It is mainly used for entrance and exit vehicles.

The difference between infrared and white light

Infrared light is generally 850nm, the human eye is weakly visible, 940NM is very weak, and the 808nm laser is commonly used.

White light is a relatively continuous spectrum of light, between warm and blue.

In the above, we introduced the difference between infrared light and white light in detail from three aspects: concept, use and wavelength. If there is any place that you don't understand, you can consult a professional.

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