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With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for the fireproof and heat-insulating performance of fire-retardant roller blinds, and the requirements for space utilization, product appearance, and the weight requirements of supporting facilities in high-rise buildings are also increasing. Therefore, light-duty High-performance inorganic fiber super fire shutter will inevitably become the mainstream of fire protection curtain development in the future. So, what about inorganic fiber super fire shutters ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

The inorganic fiber super fire shutter is a steel curtain with an inorganic fiber cloth as the curtain instead of a steel fire shutter. The thickness of the inorganic fiber cloth is much thinner than the steel curtain and the density is very small, so the same area of ​​inorganic fiber The volume of premium fire shutters is 1/2 of the same area of ​​steel fire shutters, and the weight is only one-tenth that of the same area steel fire shutters.

However, inorganic fiber super fire shutters have very good fire and heat insulation properties, and the fire resistance limit of inorganic fiber super fire shutters is 4 hours, and the average temperature rise of the back fire surface is less than 140°C during the fire limit time. The structure type, installation method and control system of inorganic fiber super fire shutters are basically the same as those of ordinary steel fire shutters. However, because the inorganic fiber super fire shutters are light in weight, they can be made much more than ordinary steel fire curtains. The much larger roller blinds and the small space required for installation, so the inorganic fiber super fire shutters are particularly suitable for indoor installation of high-rise buildings.

The inorganic fiber super fire shutter curtain surface is made of inorganic fiber cloth, texture is relatively soft, not as hard as the steel curtain can withstand greater wind pressure, but the inorganic fiber super fire shutter production in the curtain surface A plurality of wind hooks, when a negative pressure occurs during a fire, the wind hooks arranged on the curtain surface catch on the folds of the guide rails on both sides without causing the fire exit from the curtain surface.

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