Inorganic zinc-rich primer recommended construction points to keep in mind

Inorganic zinc-rich primers From the coating's aging resistance test, acrylic polyurethane and silicone coatings have excellent weatherability and decorative properties. In the 2000h UV light aging test, the loss of light is small. Let's take a look at the recommendations of inorganic zinc-rich primer construction.

Some suggestions for the construction of inorganic zinc-rich primer

1. Before the construction, the construction personnel must carry out strict inspection and repair of the vulnerabilities that need to be repaired. Generally, weld holes, undercuts, and free edges must be used. Other adjacent areas such as welding and other fire work must Finish, ensure the integrity of the primer.

2. The surface is treated and sand washed to Sa2.5. The surface roughness should be in the range of 40-75 μm and all shop primers should be removed. Taking the hull as an example, the flushing of Class A is best done once. If the conditions are not allowed, the shipyard should discuss the arrangement of the best flushing sequence to prevent the flushing and painting from colliding and delaying the construction period. Before sand washing, the construction personnel must first deal with the dead space and the complex structure parts to avoid delays in the construction period when the parts do not reach the refinishing conditions.

3. After the sand-passing inspection is passed, the precoating treatment of the paint must be carried out immediately. The tool for the pre-coating should be selected with a brush, and the roller can never be used. The pre-coating range includes all difficult-to-handle areas, while pre-coating is to ensure sufficient manpower.

4. The curing agent should be agitated with preference and zinc powder should be added while stirring. Due to the large weight of zinc powder, it should be stirred whether pre-coating or formal coating to prevent precipitation of zinc powder.

5. Pay attention to the control of the cold air pressure. Take the 1:32 paint pump as an example. The cold air pressure has reached the standard at 4kg and cannot be raised privately. The gun mouth is in the range of 14 to 21. The test shots should be made during the reconnaissance, and the thickness of the film should be controlled during the reconnaissance process. The film thickness must be thickened in a timely manner.

6. After finishing spraying, sprinkle the water on the surface of the coating, and ensure that all parts are repeatedly poured into the water. The watering can accelerate the surface curing. After the watering is completed, remove the white zinc salt from the surface with a damp cloth. .

7. After the coating has been cured, perform the dryness assessment. Only when it meets the eligibility criteria can the next construction be carried out. If a small amount of damage is found, it is repaired with an epoxy zinc-rich primer EPA072/073. If the sand-washing work is done in a sub-region, the second-degree construction can only be carried out after the inorganic zinc-rich zinc-rich primer is completely applied. At the same time, 30% to 50% of the thinner is preferably added to the paint spray to achieve a perfect effect. .

8. Scaffolding is required for the construction of high-rise parts, and the scaffolding needs to be firm and safe. The scaffolding should be about 15-30 cm away from the steel plate. The pipe end of the scaffold should be well-sealed to prevent accidents and also facilitate construction.

9. The night construction needs to be equipped with relevant lighting equipment, and there must be relatively good standards.

Reasons for Insufficient Construction of Inorganic Zinc-Rich Primer

1, the coating itself

The inorganic zinc-rich primer is composed of various raw materials such as film-forming substances, solvents, auxiliary agents and coloring materials, and its performance is composed of various different components, so as to achieve a complementary state, if it is susceptible to various external factors. Different factors cause defects, such as improper storage environment and long storage time. Another example is the unreasonable formulation design, improper selection of raw materials, and problems with the manufacturing process.

2, coating process factors

When the factors of the inorganic zinc-rich primer and the substrate can be controlled and eliminated, the defects occur due to unreasonable coating design and the implementation is not strict. Here, the coating process includes the process of a specific coating process. The method used, especially the process of dry grinding and other repetitive processes is reasonable, whether the parameters are correct, such as the choice of coloring and filling materials, whether the bottom paint is matched, and whether the proportion of the paint is reasonable.

3, environmental factors coating

The coating process of steel coating is delicate and requires a good environment. For example, the lack of lighting in the workshop will inevitably affect the accuracy of sightlines, and may cause discoloration and inaccurate coating. The problem of timely detection cannot be found, and the humidity of the spray drying site is not found. Failure to control, lack of ventilation in the workshop, or uncomfortable wind speed, solvent evaporation and solvent evaporation have been difficult to discharge mist.

4, coating technology factors

The inorganic zinc-rich primer is implemented by the operator. The coating process is designed and managed by technicians. The quality of the engineering and technical personnel is poor. Without experience, it is difficult to control the normal progress of the coating process, and it is difficult to avoid defects. All of the foregoing factors are reliable. The factors are solved.

Summary: The above is the content of inorganic zinc-rich primer construction proposal introduced by Xiao Bian for everyone. I hope we can help you effectively. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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