How much do you know about epoxy board?

Epoxy resins are linear or branched low-molecular polymers with epoxy groups at both ends of the molecule and aryl, alkyl, hydroxyl, and ether linkages in the main chain of the molecule. So how much do you know about epoxy board? The following Xiao Bian will give you some information about epoxy resin board.

First, the use of epoxy board:

The surface of the epoxy board is very smooth and smooth, without any bubbles, oils, and impurities. In addition, it has high mechanical and dielectric properties, so the application range of epoxy resin board is also more extensive. In water conservancy and hydropower insulation, switchgear insulation, semi-conductor insulation, electrified railway insulation, high and low voltage transformer parts, busbar insulation baffle gaskets, shipbuilding insulation parts and frequency insulation parts and other applications.

Second, the characteristics of epoxy board:

The first is that its form is very diverse, and various applications can meet the requirements of the form. Then his curing is very convenient. Even if a variety of different curing agents are used, the epoxy resin system can be cured within a certain range. The cured epoxy board has very good mechanical and electrical properties and is a very good insulating material. In addition, the shrinkage of the epoxy branches during the curing process is reduced, and the internal stress generated at this time is relatively small, which is advantageous for improving the adhesive strength. There is also a good dimensional stability and durability of the epoxy resin board, and finally it is its mold resistance, and can be used under the most severe conditions.

Third, the price of epoxy board and manufacturer:

The price of the epoxy board depends on its thickness. The conventional 3240 epoxy board has a price of between 10 and 30 yuan. Can be customized according to specific requirements, the greater the thickness, then its price is higher. If there are friends who need to buy epoxy board, Xiao Bian recommends the following manufacturers to you. The first one is Linyi Conghai Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. The insulation materials produced over the years have spread throughout the consumer market, so overall This company has very good production experience. Another company is Shenzhen Xiongyi Huahua Plastic Material Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2006. He is one of the most professional engineering plastics manufacturers in China. The products produced by this company are strictly in accordance with the quality requirements of the national certification. Really high quality and low price. To a certain extent, it meets the needs of customers at different levels.

Fourth, the characteristics of epoxy board:

A variety of resins, curing agents, and modifier systems can be adapted to suit the requirements of various applications, ranging from very low viscosity to high melting point solids. Curing agents use a variety of different curing agents, epoxy resin system can be cured in the temperature range of 0 ~ 180 °C.

1, strong adhesion

The presence of polar hydroxyl groups and ether bonds inherent in the epoxy resin chain gives it high adhesion to various substances. The shrinkage of the epoxy resin when cured is low and the resulting internal stress is small, which also helps to increase the adhesive strength.

2, strong contraction

The reaction of the epoxy resin and the curing agent used is carried out by direct addition reaction or ring-opening polymerization of epoxy groups in the resin molecules, without the release of water or other volatile by-products. Compared with unsaturated polyester resins and phenolic resins, they show very low shrinkage (less than 2%) during curing.

3, mechanical properties

The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.

4, electrical properties

The cured epoxy resin system is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric properties, surface leakage resistance, and arc resistance.

5, chemical stability

In general, the cured epoxy resin system has excellent alkali resistance, acid resistance, and solvent resistance. Like other properties of the cured epoxy system, chemical stability also depends on the choice of resin and curing agent. Appropriate use of epoxy resin and curing agent can make it have special chemical stability.

6, dimensional stability

The combination of many of the above properties gives epoxy systems outstanding dimensional stability and durability.

7, mold

The cured epoxy system is resistant to most molds and can be used under harsh tropical conditions.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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