Avoid regrets. What can we do for decoration design?

After the renovation, many homeowners will find some places that are overlooked in the design or some unpractical ones, causing regrets in the decoration. In order to avoid this from happening in the future, what should we pay attention to when designing? 1 design of the center of gravity home decoration design, the most important two points are practical and beautiful. Home design should be based on our living habits, according to the actual structure of the house to do the program, it must be able to meet the needs of our daily lives. Do not directly copy the case. Even if the same type of house, there will be differences in living habits. When designing home decoration, the overall appearance is common to all of us, but don't make the space design too complicated. Too gorgeous decoration style may not be suitable for your home, but the increase in the decoration budget is certain. 2 Design Considerations 1 Communication with designers After identifying the designer, the owner must communicate with the designer and tell the designer his own ideas about the home and his daily habits, so that the designer can make the design. More suitable for daily use. After the designer has made a design plan, if there is something that the owner does not understand, he or she should promptly understand the meaning of the design from the designer. If there is objection, the designer can ask the designer to make a change. 2 Grasp the principle of “practical” Before designing, the industry mainly designs the functions of each space based on its own daily living habits, and designs the most appropriate program based on the different functions of each space. This will make life after your stay more comfortable and convenient. 3 The use of color to decorate people's minds is increasingly diversified. When decorating and designing, it is no longer necessary to limit the traditional decoration style. The use of color for decoration and the use of different colors can highlight different overall styles. Choosing right colors can also play a role in modifying the space. 4 Pay attention to the use of lighting The role of lighting is not just to bring light to our lighting. In the design, clever use of lights to decorate, can bring a different effect. This is not to say that the number of lights in a room will increase, and the colors will increase. This will make the space seem cluttered, but it will use lights in layers and use the effects of lights to create a different atmosphere. 5 Selection of Decoration Materials In the decoration process, do not reduce the level of building materials blindly in order to save budget. A good design requires a suitable decoration material to play its greatest charm. Do not only save money, so that the final effect of the decoration will be greatly reduced.

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