Knowledge of home hydropower installation summary Hydro installation is no longer a problem

Everyone knows that in the home decoration, water and electricity decoration is undoubtedly extremely important. It is an essential element of guarantor's normal life and a prerequisite for home enjoyment. However, it is undeniable that hydropower installation is also the most error-prone in home decoration. Here we introduce: household water and electricity installation knowledge summary and precautions?

Summary of Home Hydropower Installation Knowledge:

Part I: Housing Renovation

First of all, we should carry out partial reconstruction of the house according to the decoration design drawings, such as removing some parts of the wall, or modifying some parts of the wall.

Part II: Slotting Pipes

Normally, this part can be divided into two steps, one of which is a groove of a water pipe, and the other is a slot of a telecommunication line. It is best for friends to check the construction quality when the hydropower installers are constructing. Under normal circumstances, the horizontal and vertical lines should be played well before the slotting. The construction is based on the horizontal and vertical lines. When the workers perform the construction, the friends must check whether they have grooved according to the hydropower diagram. If there is a change, they should let them declare in advance.

Part 3: Water Pipe Installation

Under normal circumstances, the material used for water pipes is PPR pipe and aluminum plastic pipe. PPR pipe is the most used water pipe. When installing a water pipe, the most important thing is the installation location of the faucet. Friends should pay special attention to this piece. It is better to be able to supervise and guide it personally, so that it can ensure the practicality of its function.

Part IV: Wire Routing

The most common wire in the market today is a copper wire of 2.5 to 6 square meters. There is one thing that needs special attention here. When you are wiring, you should separate the strong and weak currents, switches, electrical sockets, and air conditioning sockets. Also note that the switch socket must be horizontal and vertical. Only in this way, the rear panel installation will not appear uneven.

Part V: Plumbing Inspection

After the installation of hydropower, friends must go to the site to inspect the water pipes to eliminate hidden water safety problems and prevent future safety accidents.

Household Hydropower Installation Notes:

1, kitchen waterway transformation

The transformation of the waterway in the kitchen mainly includes faucets and water heaters. The average family uses a water heater shared by the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, when the waterway is reformed, the water heater must be installed so that the location of the hot and cold water pipes can be determined and the waterway can be reconstructed. .

When installing, pay attention to the uniform height of the hot and cold water nozzles. The spacing between hot and cold water pipes is 15 cm. This standard must be strictly enforced.

2, bathroom waterway transformation

The content of the transformation of the bathroom waterway is relatively large. The installation positions of the wash basins, toilets, bathtubs, and washing machines must be well thought out in advance. The disposal of floor drains should be in place, otherwise it will cause backwater phenomenon. Circuit renovation is almost every room decoration needs, so it needs more careful attention.

3, the transformation of the living room circuit

The wiring lines that need to be installed in the living room include power lines, lighting lines, air conditioning lines, television lines, telephone lines, computer lines, and doorbell lines. The position of the wires needs to be considered in advance and the reserved work is done. Generally speaking, telephone lines are reserved at the edge of the sofa, door bell lines are reserved inside the door, and power supplies such as drinking fountains and humidifiers are reserved. In general, living rooms should have at least five power cords. Air-conditioners, DVD players, and other devices that are not in the standby state are best equipped with switch socket panels so that they can be switched off when not in use and will not waste electricity.

4, bedroom circuit transformation

Bedroom circuit transformation generally includes power lines, lighting lines, air conditioning lines, telephone lines and computer lines. Reserve a power cord at the top of the bedside table and use a 5-hole patch panel with a switch, which can reduce the trouble of not switching on the bedside light. Above the dresser should be reserved power supply connection (hair dryer), in addition to consider there should be reflector lamp above the mirror, plus a switch beside the box, bedroom lighting is best to use dual control switch, one installed in the bedroom door, the other A switch is installed on the upper side of the bedside table or the part where the bedside is easy to operate, so that at night when sleeping, there is no need to get up and turn off the light next to the bedroom door.

5, kitchen, bathroom circuit transformation

There are more appliances used in the kitchen, so when you make circuit changes, you must be clear about which appliances in the kitchen, where the specific location, and where to think about where to reserve wire interface, so that they will not cause trouble to themselves, the bathroom The circuit modification only needs to reserve the line of the whole lighting fixture. The precautionary points for hydropower reform are basically these, as long as these items are considered well in advance, and the workers are strictly supervised in accordance with the standard procedures during construction, hydropower reform will generally not be a problem, after the waterway transformation is complete, but also pay attention to waterproof testing So as to avoid leakage problems.

Summary of the editor: The summary of the knowledge of household water and electricity installation and the matters needing attention are introduced here. I hope I can help you. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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