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Putty powder is a type of building decoration material, the main ingredient is talcum powder and glue. Putty is a kind of substrate used for wall repair and leveling, laying a good foundation for the next step. In the current home decoration, we often see the presence of putty powder, its role is to lay a good foundation for uniform, smooth paint, divided into two kinds of interior walls and exterior walls, today Xiao Bian took friends to see Look at what kind of brand is putty powder and exterior putty powder brand.

What is putty powder

Putty powder is a type of building decoration material, the main ingredient is talcum powder and glue. The surface of the newly purchased rough house has a white layer of putty, and the whiteness of the putty is usually above 90 and the fineness is above 330. Putty is a kind of substrate used for wall surface repair and leveling, which lays a good foundation for the next step of decorating (brush painting wallpaper). Putty is divided into two kinds of internal walls and external walls, external wall putty to resist the sun and wind so the gel is large, high strength, environmental protection index is slightly lower. The comprehensive index of interior wall putty is better, health and environmental protection, so the interior wall is not for external use, and the exterior wall is not used internally. Usually putty is plaster or cement-based, so the surface roughness is easier to bond firmly. However, at the time of construction, it is still necessary to apply a layer of interface agent on the grass-roots layer to seal the base layer and improve the adhesion of the wall surface so that the putty can be better bonded to the base surface.

The main purpose of putty powder is to fill the pores of the construction surface and correct the curve deviation of the construction surface, so as to lay a good foundation for obtaining a uniform and smooth paint surface. Putty powder has the following main points:

(A) beautification function

In the painting project, the user requested that the wall surface be not only smooth but also smooth and delicate. Part of the paint has a higher degree of smoothness on the wall surface. To improve the smoothness, the properties of the putty substrate must be improved.

(B) to overcome the role of turtle cracks

On the surface of a building, especially exterior walls, surface cracks caused by the shrinkage of cement often occur. The form of turtle backs is called “turtle crack”. Cracks often cause shelling, shedding, and even coating. Cause wall seepage. Therefore, the self-cracking and cracking resistance of the putty layer is an important indicator of the quality of the putty, and is also the focus of the technical research and development of the putty manufacturer.

(c) Filling effect

Leveling is the most basic requirement for painting, so filling is a basic function of putty. Irregularities abound in construction. For example, unevenness of the surface of the cement mortar, unevenness of part of the wall surface, or the general wave-like undulations of the ceiling under the light affect the beauty of the building.

Putty powder features:

PuTTY powder is a product of the conservative process of replacing talcum powder + cellulose sodium +901 glue. Usage is simply used when it is mixed with clear water. The main hypothesis is to develop and treat the wall surface during painting so that the wall surface can be flattened to facilitate the development of coating work.

Advantages: 1. It is produced according to reasonable data matching and mechanization methods, and its quality is in line with the country's JG/T3049---1998 "Building putty for indoor use" standard, and it is protected against the formation of in-situ matching in conservative processes. There is no guarantee that there is no guarantee of quality and character.

2, the conservative process must be included in the 901 glue, and the glue contains the right amount of harmless spirit, it is formaldehyde, so after the completion of putty on the wall, there will be discomfort smell! In addition to talcum powder, the adhesive powder is a natural animal glue. No smell after batching the walls! Its environmental protection requirements are in line with the requirements of the country's standard GB18582-2001, and the harmless spirit content is far below the national requirements!

3, the use of cellulose sodium in the conservative process, it is very important for the use of durable water after the bubble after the use of its very good or damage to the indoor environment. The putty powder mixer is also a kind of adhesive because it is not suitable for defense when it is developed with talcum powder. The construction site will become paralyzed. Assuming a renovation in the summer, the scene will not be known. In addition, cellulose sodium in winter is difficult to soak, so that the bonding effect is greatly reduced. PuTTY powder is very soluble in water, so it can be used as long as it is stirred with water.

Putty powder part of the brand introduced

Putty powder brand 1: Meichao MEICHAO (MCH Group)

Meichao is a well-known trademark in China and enjoys popularity in China. It is one of the most influential brands in the building materials industry. The production of home improvement products is guaranteed by high quality and high quality.

PuTTY Powder Brand II: Blacktex Pattex (Henkel China Investment Co., Ltd.)

Black & Decker is a product of the German Henkel Group. The German Henkel Group is one of the most international multinational companies in the global market, and ranks among the top 500 in the world.

Putty powder brand three: Laynes (Beijing Lions High-tech Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1995, Beijing Lions High-tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Currently, it has established more than 300 quality dealers in some provinces and cities across the country.

Putty powder brand four: Saint Gobain (Saint Gobain (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1915, Saint-Gobain is one of the largest building materials manufacturers in the world. With more than 130 factories in the world, it has designed 35 companies, eight trading companies, and an investment company in China. A research and development center and a management company.

Putty powder brand five: Ma Bei (Mabei Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1937, Marbella Italy is now the world's largest producer of construction rubber, one of the largest producers of construction chemicals, and an expert in the production of architectural waterproofing systems.

PuTTY Powder Brand VI: Jin Hao (Beijing Building Material Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

Beijing Building Material Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 1959. It is the headquarters of the company's research and development. In 2007, it was recognized as a state-level enterprise technology center.

Putty powder brand No.7: Australian Nengao (Australia Nenggao (China) Co., Ltd.)

Australia was founded in Australia in 1990 and is a group company specializing in the manufacture and sale of dry mortar and polymer additives. LANGOOD Neng Gao has been established since the establishment of Shanghai Nenggao Company in 2005 and the R&D center in Beijing in 2006. It has become a well-known dry powder mortar manufacturer in China. It is the most comprehensive dry powder powder with the most comprehensive production layout, most regulated manufacturing management, and strongest R&D strength in China. Mortar Group Company.

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