Do you understand the neoclassical style?

Do you know the style of neo-classical furniture?

With the popularity of retro style, more and more urbanites are eager to feel this unique charm at home. Then, the neo-classical style decoration will take you to a better place. Below, let us introduce it in detail through the neoclassical design instructions.

First, the origin of the neo-classical decoration style

The origin of neoclassicalism was between the 1750s and the early 1960s, when architects wanted to reinvigorate the art of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, combining classical feelings with sophisticated modern techniques to present a contemporary atmosphere. At the same time, he revived the spirit of classicism.

Neoclassical design introduction

Second, what is the neo-classical decoration style

1. The main feature of neoclassical is that "the shape is scattered and the gods are not scattered." The use of modern techniques and materials to reshape the classical temperament is a combination of classical and modern effects. This effect also gives people the spiritual civilization of ancient Rome.

2, in the design shape is not blind antique, retro, but the pursuit of God.

3. Use modern techniques, materials and processing techniques to shape the general outline features of traditional styles.

4, the decorative effect is the focus, the use of interior decorations to enhance the cultural characteristics of the history, usually using classical furniture and furnishings to set off the indoor atmosphere.

5, in the hue, gold, yellow, white, dark red is the main color, with a little white to make the color look brighter.

Neoclassical design introduction

Third, how to install the neo-classical decoration style

1. The creative shape of furniture is the essence of the neoclassical popular elements. Without the classically complicated decoration and the dazzling Jinbo decoration, the simple neoclassical decoration style has received more and more people. Noble, atmospheric, calm.

2. Neoclassical pursuit is simple and comfortable, without too complicated decoration. The whole living room is mainly composed of large-area floor-to-ceiling windows, which open up a leisure space at the window, a sofa, a lamp, and some flowers or some green plants in the corner to create a full of natural comfort.

Through the above introduction of neo-classical style design, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the neo-classical style of home decoration. In fact, this kind of decoration style can not only bring out the atmosphere well, but also bring us a relaxed and comfortable living environment. It is better to act like a heart, and quickly dress up for the home.

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