A brief analysis on the classification and technical characteristics of intelligent "guard" electronic patrol system

Electronic patrol as a tool for security patrol inspection records, with real-time, accuracy, and more important is to play supervision, promote patrol and inspection work in place in time, early detection problems, eliminate safety hazards.

Compared to the previous practice of signing on the memo pad, signing in the box, and the tabbing management practices adopted by some enterprises, the shelved behavior was completely eliminated, and the problem of inability to manage positions on duty was resolved. The whole set of scientific, efficient and convenient management methods.

Electronic Patrol <br> <br> a classification system, when the off-duty electronic patrol system security patrol starts, must be set along the tour, in order to reach within a predetermined time point each of the patrol, the information The collector touches the information button at the patrol point. If accidents happen on the way, contact the security guard duty room in time.

To form an offline electronic patrol system, in addition to a PC computer and Windows operating system, it should also include information collectors, information buttons, and data transmitters, as shown in Figure 8.20.

Second, online electronic patrol system Online electronic patrol system can be combined with the aforementioned alarm system with a device, because the patrol at a patrol point can be regarded as a known alarm.

The online electronic patrol system can be programmed by the alarm control host in the intrusion alarm system to determine the patrol route. There are a number of different patrol points on each route. The patrol point can be a door lock or a card reader. In a defense zone, the patrol personnel go to the patrol point and use a button, card swiping, unlocking and other means to silently signal the patrol signal of the defense zone, so that the patrol personnel will arrive at each patrol point time and patrol point. Actions and other information are recorded in the system, so that in the central control room, the patrol quality can be assessed by reviewing the patrol records, so as to whether or not to perform patrolling, whether to bypass or reduce patrol points, and to increase patrols. Interval time and other acts have the certificate of assessment, this record can also be used to determine the approximate time of the case. If the patrol management system is integrated with the CCTV system, it will be better able to check if patrols are in place to ensure safety. The monitoring center can also communicate and inquire with patrol personnel through intercom systems or internal communication methods.

Electronic Patrol Technical characteristics analysis <br> <br> First of all, placed in the required location information button patrol patrol point, it stores the location information, inspection staffing identification button, which stores identity information of the inspection staff; inspectors The patrol bar first touches the identification button, and then each patrol point touches the patrol point information button. The patrol bar automatically generates a patrol record including the person, place and time, and then inserts the patrol stick into the data transmitter. Within a few seconds, the patrol record can be entered into the computer and an inspection report generated as required. The inspection report can truly and accurately reflect the inspection status: whether there is any missing inspection, whether it is on time, whether it is inspected according to the specified route, etc. Its characteristics are as follows:

1, high reliability: inspection rod as a whole made of stainless steel, durable. Not afraid to fall, shock, moisture, anti-static, waterproof performance. Fully suitable for patrol application environment. Non-volatile memory is used in the inspection rod to ensure that data will not be lost, even if the power-off data can still be stored for several years.

2. High technical content: The inspection stick has a built-in microcomputer and a real-time clock, which can store 2000-4000 inspection records. The low-power design makes it unnecessary for the inspection stick to have a charging device. A battery can be used for more than one year and its use cost is low. Another advantage brought by this design is to ensure that no program operation failure occurs.

3, the use of simple and convenient: patrol bar without switch and button design, you can use without training. The software uses a full Chinese menu and is easy to learn and operate.

4. The patrol point is easy to set: The information button used in the inspection point is stainless steel, with waterproof, antimagnetic, shockproof, high temperature and low temperature, no need for excellent performance such as power supply, low cost, easy installation, no matter in environmental adaptability or performance. The price ratio is the preferred carrier for inspections.

5, the overall system performance and price ratio, application is simple, technical skills, lower prices. The system consists of four parts: the patrol information button, the patrol bar, the data transmitter, and the system management software.

The working principle is to set an information button at each inspection point (it is a passive, button-sized, stainless steel-encased storage device). The information button stores the geographical information of the inspection point; the inspector holds the stainless steel inspection. Sticks, when they arrive at the inspection point, they only need to touch the information button embedded in the wall (on the tree or other supports) with a patrol bar, that is, automatically record the time, geographical location, etc., at the inspection point. On the stick.

After the inspector completes the inspection, the inspection bar is inserted into the communicator and all inspection records of the inspector are transmitted to the computer. The system management software immediately displays the route inspected by the inspector, the time and name of each inspection point, and missed inspections. Checkpoints and generate inspection reports as required.

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