What is the role of mortar pump

Before working, the liquid to be delivered needs to fill the pump casing first. When the mortar pump works, the shaft belt rotates at a high speed driven by the impeller, and the liquid between the blades rotates along with it. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown from the center of the impeller to the outer edge and gains energy to leave the outer edge of the impeller to enter the scroll casing at a high speed. With the increasing use of mortar pump, its role is also gradually being concerned about, then what is the role of mortar pump? What is the role of mortar pump 1, metallurgical steel repair blast furnace and other equipment. 2, the vertical and horizontal transmission mortar construction. 3, component engineering mortar injection expansion. 4, thermal power plant transmission of fly ash. 5, the bridge in the railway construction, culvert grouting reinforcement. 6, national defense, mining tunnel filling. 7, the chemical industry in the delivery of certificates of credit materials. 8, farmland, water conservancy projects in the dam, sand and other operations. Mortar pump is like a bee, in the metallurgical steel sector, component engineering, chemical sector, defense, mining, tunnels, farmland, water conservancy projects have their work in the shadow, its role is mainly reflected in the Transport mortar, grouting, maintenance equipment. From the above analysis, we found that the use of mortar pump is very prominent. Its role also appears. The use of mortar pump also affirmed by the user.

PTFE Gasket

Description:PTFE Gasket is high crystal thermoplastic polymer and most common used fluoride plastic.Ptfe Gasket 

is produced by molding with suspension PTFE resin,it can be made into plate,turning film,pipe etc.


a)PTFE Gasket can reach temperature -200~260℃

b)Basically corrosion resistance to all chemical except some fluoride and alkaline metal liquid.

c)The excelletn mechanical properties including aging resistance especially for bending and swing applications.

d)Bibulous rate is extremely low,and have self lubrication and not sticky etc.


PTFE Gasket

PTFE Gasket


PTFE Gasket

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