Jiangsu grapefruit furniture solid wood environmental protection furniture

The fragrance of the grapefruit is refreshing, and the temperament of teak touches the home. The precious golden light is like a child growing in the sun smiling at the world. Jiangsu Pomegranate Enterprise is a professional manufacturer of high-grade teak furniture . The Chinese style adheres to the history of this child.

It is like the atmosphere of the creation of grandchildren. Children's innocent golden yellow brings the vitality of the age to the heavy vicissitudes of the elderly. The old man who is immersed in the ancient memories of history brings a vicissitude of experience to the pure children. The pomelo furniture is a characteristic that makes people calm and present in the world.

This solid wood quasi-bookcase makes you feel like you are in the painting paradise of Qi Baishi, watching his seriousness. The golden eyes are like a layer of sun on the study. On the road of knowledge, young children are always blocked by stereotyped classes, lazy and unhappy. Gorgeous splendor makes you fall in love with Shu Shufang and indulge in seductive woody fragrance.


Jiangsu Yuzui Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. After more than ten years of hard work, it has rapidly emerged as a leading enterprise in the teak furniture industry integrating furniture research and development, production and sales. The pomelo furniture is “the first brand of Chinese teak furniture”. The corporate vision is to "strive for creating greater wealth for customers, to create a bigger platform for employees, and to strive for greater contributions to society". The grapefruit people continue to strive for never satisfied, and lead the green, comfortable and healthy home concept with the highest quality products. The company took the lead in the industry to pass the "ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification" and strictly implement the "national GB18584-2001 production standards." Won the honors of “China Famous Brand”, “China Famous Brand”, “China Green Environmental Protection Product”, “Quality Reassuring, Customer Satisfaction Top Ten Credit Enterprise”. The strong R&D team, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent team of information management have made the position of the Pomegranate furniture industry benchmark.

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Carbide taps is used to cut a screw thread in material with a pilot hole, threading is a process of both external and internal machining of threads into a workpiece. A number of angles and measurements defines the thread of the screws and bolts. All are of importance:


The lead is the distance through which a screw advances with one turn in the direction of the shaft. There are single lead threads and multiple lead threads. Multiple lead threads are able to feed faster with fewer revolutions.


The pitch is the distance between the corresponding threads in the axial direction.


The effective diameter is the midway point between the crest and root. In other words, the point where the internal thread and external thread overlap when screws are meshed together. The effective diameter is, along with pitch, one of the most important dimensions in threads.



According to the application, there are several kinds of taps: Machine and hand taps, spiral flute taps, spiral pointed taps, thread forming taps, and Pipe taps and Thread Milling Cutter.


1. Machine and hand taps

The very standard tap, mostly are the Straight flute tap. Typically, tap is constituted by a working portion and a shank portion. The working portion is divided into a cutting portion and a calibration section, the cutting portion having a cutting bevel, responsible for cutting work. The calibration section is used to calibrate the size and the shape of the thread.


2. Spiral flute taps:

The spiral flutes have high cutting performance, eject chips smoothly, leave no chips in the hole bottom, suitable for tapping sticky materials. The chip-hold groove of Spiral fluted tap is spiral. According to the application, they are divided into two kinds: Left spiral flute tap and right spiral flute tap. Left Spiral flute tap tapping the chip to the bottom, suitable for through hole. Right spiral flute tap tapping scraps discharge upwards, so its suitable for blind holes.


3.Spiral pointed taps:

Suitable for through-hole and deep thread, have high strength, long life, fast cutting, dimensional stability, explicit tooth pattern (especially fine tooth). It opens chute in the side of the cutting edge of the straight groove, to form an angle, the chips are discharged forward when threading, suitable for through-hole processing. Relatively large core size design, good strength, can withstand greater cutting force. It is suitable for processing of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel and black metallic.


4. Thread forming taps:

These taps make threads by deforming the materials and do not produce chips. They are suitable for the blind holes of rather soft material or non-ferrous metals. The internally extruded and threaded metal has fibers which are continuous and has high tensile strength and shear strength, and has good surface roughness too.


5. Pipe taps

The pipe taps are used for mechanical joints purpose which is cutting the pipe fitting threads. There are two kinds of types, taps for parallel threads and taps for taper threads. The parallel threads are used for mechanical joints. The taper threads are used for pressure type joints such as water pipes and gas pipes.


6. Thread Milling Cutter :

The thread milling cutter is a new developed processing tool in recent years. Its the combination of the milling cutter and the tap, using milling for machining the thread, so we call it the thread milling cutter. It is suitable for processing the large aperture work piece, avoid the disadvantage of high cost for large size Taps.


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