Smart bulb: long life with networking

The light bulb has developed to the present and is becoming more and more human. LED bulb manufacturers in the United States have introduced a smart light bulb that can be networked and dimmable. The more valuable is the long life of 25,000 hours. It is estimated that this 60W smart bulb will cost $15, or about RMB 93.
This smart light bulb is produced by Cree, an American LED light bulb manufacturer. The company's products are known for its low cost and beautiful appearance. Recently, this company has introduced smart bulbs in addition to long life, the biggest feature is the low price.

Cree's 60W connected light bulb costs only $15 (about $93), which is almost the cheapest and most feature-rich smart light bulb on the market. Because they are compatible with the Wink and Zigbee protocols, users can connect two light bulbs to other connected devices to create a complete smart home environment. But compared to Link, Cree's products have some unique advantages.

This smart light bulb features a durable, shock-resistant casing that resists shocks. Although its appearance is not as modern as Link, it is believed that some consumers will prefer this natural and normal design.

The smart light bulb will begin online sales later this month and will land in the Home Depot store next month. If you haven't enjoyed the convenience of smart home, this inexpensive bulb may be a good start.
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