What is wireless smart home? Features of wireless smart home

At present, there are two main types of smart home system technology standards: wireless or wired. In use, you may be more familiar with wired smart homes. Therefore, today Xiaobian is dedicated to introducing some knowledge about wireless smart home, I hope that through these introductions to help everyone understand what is wireless smart home.

To understand the wireless smart home in depth, we must first understand which smart home system can be called wireless, and secondly, what features it has.

What is a wireless smart home?

Wireless smart home can be said to be the backbone of smart home. Compared with wired smart homes, wireless smart homes pay more attention to simplicity and ease of maintenance. It also has the functions of a smart home, but the control method is changed from wired to wireless. It is different from the wireless control terminal of some wired systems. It completely uses wireless connection between control and control. It does not need to be converted. It can control the switch of one lamp from the simplest controller to the complex family lighting and curtains. , air conditioning, access control, electrical equipment, comprehensive intelligent control.

Smart home

Features of wireless smart home:

(1) Environmental Awareness Network

It has the ability to perceive the external environment and objects, and is the key to successfully realize the information interaction between “objects and things, people and things” in the future intelligent home life, and to connect the sensory information to the backbone of the perception network, which is the future intelligence. The nerve endings of home technology;

(2) Wireless self-organizing network

It can realize wireless short-distance communication transmission, and the information is transmitted through self-organized networking. The wireless self-organizing network has the ability of self-management and self-repair;

(3) High cost performance

The wireless home mobile is flexible, expandable and free of disassembly. In addition, it has the characteristics of low cost and low power consumption, and conforms to the concept of “low carbon life” green smart home;

(4) High security

The more secure 128k encryption technology has not yet broken the precedent in the world, which reduces security risks compared with traditional smart homes.

The above is a small series on the introduction of wireless smart home related knowledge, I hope these introductions can help you understand what is wireless smart home.

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