It turned out that you are such a wardrobe! A wardrobe that makes people unable to start

After buying a new house and decorating a new home, we must create new furniture. Tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes and other furniture are indispensable. Among them, the cabinet is a common furniture in the home. Whether it is a wardrobe or a bedside table, or a wall-mounted cabinet, etc., you need to have several cabinets to store more clothes and sundries. The cabinets in most people's homes are square and orderly. However, have you ever thought about making the cabinets in your home different? What are the styles of creative lockers ? Let's take a look at someone's creative locker !

TIP1: folding wardrobe

There are wardrobes in every home, but people often worry that the closet is too small and the space is not enough. Take a look at this folding wardrobe! This is what it looks like. The doors on both sides are the same as the cabinets. They have designed large and small shelf drawers. Does it seem like space? Don't worry, when not in use, you just close the doors on both sides and close together. The wardrobe instantly becomes a quaint rectangular body!

TIP2: Drawers can be ladders

I want to climb up step by step ~ Is this drawer cabinet interesting? Many people face a problem when using a wardrobe: The cabinet is too high to reach. Come and see this drawer cabinet. It doesn't matter if it is at the top. We bring our own small steps and easily climb to the top of the top cabinet!

TIP3: Cracked Cabinet

Is this cabinet too lively wood? Natural wood cabinets feel natural and comfortable. The top of the cabinet is designed to be cracked and full of fun. However, patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder do not choose this cabinet, Xiao Bian afraid that you did not hold back, along the cracks along the road all the way down, the fake false false!

TIP4: Beetle Shaped Wardrobe

The shape of this closet is like a beetle hanging on a tree. Natural wood texture adds a bit of natural flavor to the wardrobe! Let's take a look at the side view of the wardrobe!

Now let's show what the front door of the cabinet looks like! In the middle, the beetle is the main cabinet door, the upper part is the head of the beetle, the "crawl", the inside is a large and small lattice shelf, and the bottom is an irregularly shaped drawer. Take advantage of all the space!

Now, we open the beetle shell, which is the cabinet door. The main body of the cabinet is mainly a drawer. Some of the more deformed spaces are used as shelves and lattice shelves. Although there is no hanging area, the space is still large and can be better classified!

TIP5: Short Cabinet Made of Cuboids

If you look closely at this short cabinet, do you think that there is a wonderful law in it? That's right, this is made up of half-size cuboids. Just look at the original wooden door. We can see that the big rectangle is twice as small as the rectangle!

TIP6: Wardrobe Composing Wardrobe

This is also a modular drawer cabinet. Wonderfully, each drawer cabinet is a “suitcase”. The drawer cabinet made of blue, green, yellow and white colors has a retro fashion and irregular building block style. A little more vivid and interesting!

TIP7: Hanging "Strap Dress" Storage Cabinet

Looking at this curvaceous storage cabinet, girls, do you have any small envy? Haha, in fact, this is also a cabinet, but it is not the cabinet that hangs clothes. Look carefully. Look at the cabinet is not a few seams, slit along the gap, yes, it is a drawer! You can put small clothes such as underwear, socks, towels, etc. You can also place other pieces of various items!

TIP8: Side-sliding chest of drawers


  Looking at this map, many people will ask, what is the uniqueness of a drawer like this? In fact, its most unique place lies in its way of opening! Its drawers open to the left and right! Better to see! We look at the map!

Hahaha, this cabinet is not a kind of instant from the quiet "Ladies" become wild "hot girls" that is the sense of vision? Before and after contrast too magic, Xiao Bian said to accept bad!

TIP9: "Firewood Reactor" turned into a locker

One day, if someone pointed at a pile of firewood and you said it was my family's storage cabinet, don't laugh at him, first go up and check! You have been shocked by this wooden storage cabinet! However, Xiao Bian wants to swear, the wardrobe looks dirty, it is estimated that you can only collect the debris in your home, what clothes, or do not put it!

With regard to the contents of the Creative Locker , Xiao Bian has introduced it here for everyone and hopes to help everyone! Want to make one more bright spot in your home? Then choose a cabinet with unique style and style to take home! For more information, please follow this site!

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