Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical has developed a new thermoplastic elastomer product

On August 10, 2017, Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mitsubishi Chemical") announced through its official website that its thermoplastic elastomer "TEFABLOC?" (formerly styrenic thermoplastic elastomer was "RABARON?" In the name of the styrene QE series, which has been integrated into the "TEFABLOC?" brand since April 2017, they have developed a new specification product with improved formability and touch. And the new specification product will be newly adopted in the interior parts of the car's internal skin material, auxiliary armrests and the like.

TEFABLOC? The QE series is widely used in small hand-held and packaging tools such as power tools and shift levers for automobiles because of its high flexibility and wear resistance.


â–²Magnified image of automotive interior skin material using new specifications

In recent years, the market has become more and more demanding for the design and feel of automotive interior parts, and the demand for materials that can meet the above requirements has gradually increased. In order to cope with this demand trend, Mitsubishi Chemical is maintaining TEFABLOC? Based on the softness and wear resistance of the QE series, the fluidity has been improved by more than 2 times, and a new specification product has been developed. The new specification product has high moldability, and it can exhibit excellent design even in a large-sized molded product. In addition, the new specifications also have a comfortable driving feel, like leather or synthetic leather.

The previous products are difficult to meet the needs of large-scale applications such as automotive interior skin materials or auxiliary handrails, and new specifications with the above-mentioned excellent performance have no such problems, and have begun to be used in this field, and are expected to be applied in the future. It will continue to expand.

Mitsubishi Chemical said that it will continue to meet the diverse needs of its customers and expand its product lineup of thermoplastic elastomers to further accelerate the expansion of the functional resin business.

Editor in charge: Miao Wenhui

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