What are the features of the security monitoring system?

People pay more and more attention to the security of home and public places, and correctly understand the functional characteristics of the security monitoring system to bring great protection to your home safety and public safety. Follow the small series to understand the home security monitoring system and its functional features.
Security monitoring system
1. Correctly look at the installation of the monitoring system
The purpose of installation monitoring is not to infringe on the privacy of others. It is not necessary to think that monitoring is to trust others. On the contrary, monitoring only small people, regardless of gentlemen, the purpose of monitoring is to protect our property and create a safe for everyone. environment of. Installation monitoring cannot be said to be due to the decline in social trust, but the progress of social civilization. Everyone pays more attention to safety and understands the use of technology to create a better and safer living environment.
2. Features of monitoring
The monitoring system plays an increasingly important role in production and life. The need for monitoring in public areas such as banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, communities, Internet cafes, and public transportation is self-evident, and it has greatly improved home security. The main functions of the monitoring function are: pre-warning; now the monitoring has a detection alarm function, which can prevent the suspicious person or event from happening; real-time display; no matter when, you can pay attention in real time, and will never let you get the message. Lagging behind; after-the-fact tracking: video playback function allows you to track down missed events, video files are also an important backup for the current case.
The monitoring system can effectively supervise the working environment and production order on the production site, reduce uncivilized behavior, and do a good job in theft prevention.
3. Which devices does the monitoring system consist of?
The mainstream monitoring system is mainly composed of four parts, camera equipment, control equipment, transmission equipment, and display equipment.

Camera equipment: mainly refers to cameras and pickups
The camera is responsible for the video and requires the use of a power supply and a stand.
The pickup is responsible for the audio and requires the use of a power source. Civil monitoring is rarely used.

Control device: video capture card or hard disk recorder.
1 Video capture card needs to be used with a computer. It needs to be turned on before the computer can work. The video file is stored on the hard disk of the computer. It is easy to read. The capture card is equipped with software on the computer and cannot be used for all-weather video recording.
2 DVR can be used for 7*24 all-weather video, it does not contain hard disk, purchase hard disk as needed, powerful and stable standby video function.

Transmission equipment: video cable, power cable, video power cable.
The video line is mainly connected to the camera and control device and can transmit video signals.
The power cable is the same as the home red and black wire. The camera often has a distance from the power supply. At this time, the power cable is needed to transmit the current.
The video power supply integrated line can be used in the case of a long distance and inconvenient wiring, and does not require separate wiring of video and power.

display screen:
The display of the video capture card is on the computer monitor. The DVR has two interfaces, which can be connected to the TV and LCD.
Installation monitoring gives people a lot of benefits, such as: all-weather, multi-faceted monitoring, saving manpower and material resources; real-time monitoring of video, you can call up records at any time, to facilitate the illegal activities; to constrain the behavior of the active area personnel, play a deterrent role; It is convenient for management personnel to grasp the situation globally, understand production and work conditions, and improve production efficiency.

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