A Brief Analysis of the Trend of Diamond Price in 2014-2016

Abstract superhard materials, according to Chinese statistics show, in January 2017 a domestic-type diamond (80/100 in bold) average price of 0.16 yuan / ct, domestic grade diamond crystal (40/45) average price of 0.32 yuan / Ct.

According to the statistics of China's superhard material network, the average price of domestic type 1 diamond (80/100 to coarse) was 0.16 yuan/ct in January 2017, and the average price of domestic grade diamond single crystal (40/45) was 0.32 yuan/ct. .


1. One type of diamond material drops first and then rises

From the data point of view, taking January type diamond (80/100 to coarse) as an example, the average price in January 2014 was 0.17 yuan/ct. Affected by the adjustment of the domestic economic structure, the slowdown of economic development and the continued downturn of the global economy, the diamond industry has suffered an impact. The price of type 1 diamond (80/100 in coarse) has continued to decline from 2014 to 0.13 yuan in April 2016/ Ct. Beginning in the second half of 2016, as the economic transition period gradually passed, the industry showed signs of recovery, and diamond prices rebounded. In particular, the explosion of the diamond industry market in the photovoltaic industry has driven the rise in the price of diamond materials.



2, the grade of diamond single crystal has decreased and remained stable

From the data point of view, taking the grade diamond single crystal (40/45) as an example, the average price in January 2014 was 0.38 yuan/ct. With the expansion of production capacity of related companies and the improvement of production technology, it is inevitable that prices will fall. Grade-grade diamond single crystal is widely used in industry, science and technology, national defense, medical and health fields due to its excellent performance instead of natural diamond. Especially, it is the best choice material for making diamond tools, which is brought by grade diamond single crystal. A vast market. To a certain extent, the market increase offsets the sharp decline in the price of graded diamond single crystals brought by capacity and process improvement. As shown in the figure below, from October 2014 to 2017, the price of graded diamond single crystals is stable at 0.32. Yuan / ct.



Note: The above data is collected and counted by China's superhard materials network in a number of representative superhard materials companies.

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