What is the price of the bay window? Bay window countertop buying skills

With the continuous development of the society, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. Now many owners are designing a bay window when they are doing home decoration. Rectangular or trapezoidal convex to the outside, one or three sides are filled with glass, then, what is the price of the bay window ? What are the buying techniques for the bay window countertops?


First, what is the price of the bay window?

1, Bay window pad sill pad custom Nordic tatami mat custom card seat cushion cushion simple modern balcony mat, reference price 48 yuan.

2, Yiyu high-density sponge Bay window cushion custom window sill mat balcony mat tatami sofa cushion thick hard custom, reference price 30 yuan.

3, pink Korean style window mat window sill cushion decoration bedroom princess cotton tatami custom balcony sponge cushion, reference price 48 yuan.

4, custom window window pad sill pad window window tatami mat tatami mattress mat floor mat Japanese-style bamboo carpet, reference price 79 yuan.

5, An pomegranate window pad / window sill pad / tatami pad / card seat pad shaped custom, reference price 48 yuan.

6, Bay window mat custom window sill mat Nordic balcony tatami mat modern minimalist bedroom children card seat customization, reference price 36 yuan.


Second, the window window countertop buying skills

1. The countertop made of woodworker mainly does not feel cold in winter, and it looks simple. The shortcoming is that it is easy to be sun-dried and deformed in time. If it encounters rain in the window, it is easy to get wet, and it is on the winter bay window. There will also be a lot of condensed water droplets flowing to the table top, which will also cause the table top of the wood board to be deformed by moisture. The sauna board solves the defects of the wood board in terms of moisture resistance, but the sauna board has a single color and is decorated with other fabrics.

2. The countertops designed with composite flooring must be coordinated with the overall design. It is not afraid of the tide with the laminate floor. It is not very cold when sitting on it, and it is not expensive, but it must be noted that the design of the bay window must be well done before the decoration design, and it has a good connection with the floor. When you close the edge, you can use solid wood, which is very effective. If there is any remaining floor in the house, you can make the best use of it.

3, artificial stone is also the most common and most common kind of countertop material, the advantage is not afraid of tide, no deformation, easy maintenance. The downside is that it will be cold in the cold winter. If you like to squat on the window countertop, you must make a blanket.

4, the advantages of natural stone is the same as artificial stone, but the price is cheaper than artificial stone, but it is worth noting that natural stone is radiation, marble radiation classification: Class A radiation is the smallest, Class B is the second, Class C is the largest. However, there is no problem in choosing Class A for indoor use, and try not to choose bright marble.

The above is the price of the floating window countertop introduced by Xiaobian for everyone and the buying skills of the floating window countertop. If you have friends who want to know the floating window countertop, you can refer to Xiaobian for everyone's introduction, I hope I can help everyone. If you want to know more about the decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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