Causes and control of yellowing of spinach leaves

First, the reason for the yellowing of spinach leaves

1. Self-growth: If the new roots are re-growth at the bottom of the leaf stalk, which causes the spinach leaves to turn yellow, this is a long imagination. It is biologically metabolized. You don't have to worry about this situation.

2, planting soil: If the spinach leaves do not re-grow new roots from the bottom of the leafhopper and lead to yellowing, it is mostly because the soil is not good, poor permeability, etc., resulting in poor growth of spinach yellow leaves, at this time to the land Renovate to increase the permeability of the soil layer.

3: Fertilization problem: When spinach is planted, a large amount of NPK fertilizer is needed. The ratio of NPK is 2:1:3, but not all of them can be applied, or some iron and zinc can be applied. Manganese boron micro-elements into the soil, because if it is true, it will also affect the yellowing of the spinach leaves. In the later stage, some foliar fertilizer can be sprayed on the spinach to increase the nutrients and prevent the leaves from turning yellow.

4, watering: in the process of planting spinach, if the amount of water is too large, it will cause the spinach roots to become yellow due to lack of oxygen growth, so you can insert a chopstick into the soil when watering. Look at the roots of spinach is not lack of water, if the soil is wet, you do not need to water.

Second, the control measures of yellowing of spinach leaves

1. Agricultural measures: When planting, select those disease-free seeds and hang some silver-gray membranes in the field to drive the mites. To keep the surface of the land clean, weed off the weeds in time. When planting, choose a well-ventilated terrain. When it is dry, water the spinach to reduce the yellowing of the spinach leaves. Fertilization can be carried out, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be added to improve the disease resistance of spinach and make spinach grow healthily.

2, chemical control: in the early stage of the yellowing of the leaves, you can spray some phytopathogenic emulsion, or spray some anti-toxic agents. For downy mildew and anthracnose of spinach, in the initial stage, you can use 75% chlorothalonil 600 times solution, 25% metalaxyl seven hundred times solution, 40% ethyl phosphorus aluminum wettable powder three hundred times solution, etc. Prevention and treatment.

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