Please use warmly

Please use warmly After 24 hours of room temperature is above 20°C, even if the snow is floating outside, you can walk barefoot on the floor. Who can resist this temptation? Although warm, it is a great killer of indoor pollution. When many indoor warm air homes are tested for indoor air, once the floor is warmed, the amount of formaldehyde detected is much higher than when it is not available.

Recently, Zhang Tao, the home improvement designer, is in the process of decorating and constructing several projects.

Although the discussion on centralized heating in the south continues, more and more cold people in Hangzhou are already waiting to warm up and enjoy themselves. There are many people who want to use heating, but after a few people who have renovated new houses, there is a warm-up company that has launched a surface mounted pipe business to attract customers who live in old houses and want to use heating. During this period of cold weather in Hangzhou, people who consulted the Mingguan Pipe really increased a lot.

Warm to the floor is popular in the popular riverside or mountainside people love to warm Zhang Tao is the designer of Nan Hong decoration, home decoration design has been six or seven years. He said that the warmth gradually got hot in Hangzhou after 2008, and more and more people were accepted in these two years. “I do more than 30 houses a year, and at least 20 percent are warm.” Among the construction projects, there are 3 houses that are to be warmly installed.

Doing more, Zhang Tao summed up some features.

He said that northerners who settled in Hangzhou often consider installing floor heating when they are renovating their houses. “They are a bit too much for the cold winter in the south, especially the room temperature of 3 or 4°C.”

In addition, those who live on the banks of the river or on the mountains have a higher proportion of floor heating. Zhang Tao said that there was a customer's new home on the side of the Third Bridge, and he did not consider installing floor heating. However, her mother also lived nearby. She reminded her that living on the waterfront was very windy and humid. She was particularly cold in the winter and she was not at all cold. Hesitation installed floor heating.

"I certainly recommend warming, because the heating is running up, and the effect of floor heating is definitely better than air conditioning. Recently, several customers have told me that the thermal effect of the home's wind pipe system is not very good," said Zhang Tao.

Now it is popular in Hangzhou, and people in the company are the best. Wu Cheng served in Zhejiang Geiger Heating Technology Co., Ltd. He said that many of the finely-finished buildings in Hangzhou are now equipped with underfloor heating, such as Liuzhuang and Xixi Chengyuan. Their floor heating is installed by their company. Because the market prospect for floor heating is very good, many companies that used to do air-conditioning have now turned to warm.

Look at Weibo to know how many southerners envy and hate the heating in the north. However, many people only consider the installation of floor heating when they are renovating a new house. After all, it is necessary to install the boiler to warm it, and the pipeline must be buried underground. Wu Cheng told reporters that in the winter, they introduced the surface mounted pipe business, which is aimed at customers who do not want to renovate the house and want to install heating. “The surface mounted pipe is a wall mounted pipe, a radiator, and a 130 square meter house. It can be installed in two or three days and the temperature is kept above 20°C."

This makes people who are not planning to decorate the house for the moment. There are only two to three hundred telephone calls for consultation. There are already thirty to forty sets already installed.

The use of floor heating costs not less than a hundred square meters of apartment heating to open a month of gas costs to spend 1,500 yuan to warm, although comfortable to use, but there are still many concerns entrenched in many people's hearts.

The floor heating is warm and the water is warm, but in either case, the pipelines are buried underground and the cement is backfilled. We are worried that if there is a problem with the pipeline, maintenance will be a big problem. However, this point, whether it is home improvement designers or floor heating company engineering professionals, do not have to worry about.

Wu Cheng said that compared to electric floor heating, water heating technology is more mature. Moreover, the underground Water Pipes are all without joints, and the pipes generally do not leak, which can guarantee a 50-year life. Electric floor heating is a cable line, and there will be more hidden dangers, and often the family's meter load is not enough and needs to be expanded.

Zhang Tao suggested that soft water should be used to treat the sediments of underground water pipes every year if water and floor heating are installed.

Many people know that the installation of floor heating to shop laminate flooring or solid wood composite flooring, ordinary solid wood flooring can not be paved, because solid wood flooring needs to hit the ridge, will affect the laying of floor heating pipes. In addition, the solid wood floor is baked in a warm place, unevenly heated up and down, and easily deformed. However, there is now a real wood floor in the market that does not require ridges and only snaps. "This product was introduced only a few years, is not really good, it is difficult to draw conclusions." Wu Cheng said.

In recent years, many families have laid tiles on floor heating, and some have even used bedrooms (bedroom decoration renderings) with tiles, such as leather or wood grain, which does not look as cold as ordinary tiles. Zhang Tao said that the advantage of ceramic tiles is that the thermal conductivity is better than the floor, and it is also more environmentally friendly.

Although everyone is praising the comfort of warmth, and some people even think that it is ten times more comfortable than warm air-conditioning, the cost of floor heating has caused many people to feel entangled. Zhang Tao said that generally about 100 square meters of apartment installation and use of natural gas heating, one month cost is more than 1,500 yuan. A four-and-five-million-square-meter villa (a villa decoration rendering) uses floor heating, which requires 300 degrees of natural gas for a week.

As for the installation fee, it is also a big expense. The boiler to be warmed up will require more than 10,000 yuan and the pipeline will be about 120-180 yuan per square meter. 100 square meters of the house will also spend a total of 20,000 yuan. Therefore, it is mainly used by families with relatively good economic conditions and quality of life.

Warm floor is a stealth killer floor under the baking, formaldehyde release a lot of warm although good, but it is a major killer of indoor pollution.

Gu Gong from Hangzhou Campanula Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has done indoor air testing for many families. He said that there are a lot of homes that have warm-blooded homes to do tests this year. “Some newly renovated houses are open to the ground and they simply cannot live. Because the smell is too heavy."

Gu Gong told reporters that the above-laid flooring is made of laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring. Both types of flooring require a lot of glue. It can be said that "half of wood and half of glue are glues," especially for laminate flooring. The glue contains A lot of formaldehyde. “The boiling point of formaldehyde is 19.5°C, and the warm-up temperature is often above 20°C. The floor is baked at this temperature for a long time, and the formaldehyde inside will be released in large quantities after reaching the boiling point.” Even worse, because the floor heating is Open 24 hours, many families will rarely open the window ventilation, indoor air is even worse, and people stay in the room for a long time, but also unaware.

In the indoor air testing of many homes that have been warmly installed, Gu Gong found that once the floor is warmed, the amount of formaldehyde detected is much higher than when it is not available.

If there is a tile, there will be no indoor pollution. Gu Gong said that tiles are relatively safe, thermal conductivity is also better than the floor heat, but the family decoration, tile in the bedroom is still very small.

He suggested that when choosing floor heating, try to choose a good brand. The formaldehyde content in the glue will be less. In addition, it is also recommended that people do some treatments to reduce the release of formaldehyde before using floor heating. For example, the formaldehyde in the floor is easily released from the side of the floor. If formaldehyde is applied to the floor in advance before laying the floor, the formaldehyde release can be reduced by 20%. You can also warm the floor one or two times before the floor is laid. , Open one or two days at a time, let formaldehyde release as much as possible.

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