Winter melon autumn extension storage and preservation method

The yield of winter melon in China is relatively high. During the peak season of autumn harvest, the price has plummeted due to the simultaneous listing with various vegetables. If the farmer can use the existing conditions of the farm to delay the storage and preservation of the melon, it can extend the sales and supply period of the melon, and greatly increase the economic benefits, which is worthy of promotion and utilization.
First, preparation before storage
Winter melon has a high water content, and tender melons and over-ripe melons are not suitable for storage. The suitable melon standard for storage is thick skin, thick meat, dense texture, good quality, shiny green surface, covered with wax, and large-scale late-maturing varieties. When 90% mature, picking. 7-10 days before harvesting, the growing field should stop watering, cut with scissors when the weather is cool (preferably in the morning), and leave a 3--5cm melon handle. When handling, it should be handled gently, to prevent scratches and bumps, and to prevent falling and rolling (vibration is too large, which will cause damage to the internal melon), which will cause serious hidden troubles in storage.
Second, the preparation of storage kiln
The size of the storage kiln is determined by the number of melons stored. The farmer's own kiln is about 30 square meters and can store 5000kg of winter melon. The construction is mostly semi-underground, that is, the construction of the kiln room is about 3.5m high, and the top and bottom of the earth are 1.8m. There are kiln windows around, which are open to the front, back and left to facilitate ventilation and ventilation. The kiln of this structure has the advantages of high temperature stability, coolness, simple ventilation, easy control of dryness and humidity. The melon should be disinfected and sterilized 2-2-3d before storage. The method is: after the smoked kiln is sealed with potassium permanganate, the melon is put into storage.
Third, storage methods and precautions
It is best not to use pesticides when storing. Choose mature melons that have been carefully selected, consistent in size, and not damaged, and stored or stored in the warehouse. The melons stored in the pile should be placed on the bottom of the library with hay or straw curtains, and then placed on the top of the melon, usually no more than 3 layers, so as not to damage the crush. Because the melon is better ventilated, it is better than the pile storage. When storing the melon, the soft ventilating material such as hay should be placed on the shelf, and then the melon should be placed. In the process of placing, it should be placed according to the state of winter melon growing in the field. It must be misplaced. It must be done how long the field is, how to put the kiln, because the melon has adapted to the direction of gravity, and keep it during storage. In the original direction of gravity, melons are less prone to laceration and the storage time can be longer. Winter melon is a cold-sensitive vegetable that is heat-resistant and not resistant to low temperatures. If it is lower than 10 °C, it will cause freezing damage. The suitable temperature for storing melon is 10-15 ° C, and the relative humidity is 70%-75%. Therefore, during storage, especially when the winter melon is just in storage, attention should be paid to strengthening ventilation. When the temperature is high at noon, the window should be opened for ventilation, which is beneficial to heat dissipation and cooling, and can eliminate moisture and reduce environmental humidity. Keep the inside of the library dry. During the storage of winter melon, as long as the temperature and humidity conditions can be mastered, it can be stored for 3 to 4 months or longer.

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