Bearing characteristics in the coal mine occupation

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Bearing characteristics in the coal mine occupation

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-04-29

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Coal mine machinery and equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment excavated in coal mine; transport; transport; including mining machine; conveyor; well roadway excavation equipment; underground auxiliary transportation, vehicle equipment; mine winch; ventilation and dust removal equipment; coal washing Equipment; cranes; special vehicles, etc.
The mechanical equipment produced in the coal mine has the following characteristics:
1. The working environment is bad; the equipment is surrounded by dust, water vapor and harmful gases.
2. Working conditions are harsh; most mechanical equipment is operated under conditions of high speed, heavy load, oscillation, shock, collision and medium corrosion.
3. Long running time; most of the machinery and equipment do not stay up all night;
4. Poor smooth conditions; because of the harsh environment; harsh working conditions; plus short stop time; this makes mechanical parts not outstanding smooth and protective.
Thus, the economic losses that are formed each year are staggering; as long as the correct bearings are selected; the protection is carried out regularly; the protection is timely; the quality of the protection is improved; the production equipment is guaranteed to operate in an outstanding state; the mechanical wear of the coal mine is reduced; Life expectancy; complete high-yield, efficient and safe production of coal; effective operation of mining operators to ensure higher yield; to achieve the expected service life of the equipment.

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