Glass magnesium fireproof board use

It can be used as wallboard, ceiling board, fireproof board, waterproof board, packing box, etc. It can replace wooden plywood as wall skirt, door and window, board door board and furniture. It can also be coated with lacquer and water lacquer as needed, and can be processed into various types of panels. It can also be used in the wet environment of basement, mine, etc., and combined with a variety of insulation materials to make composite insulation panels.

The glass magnesium fireproof board is the most basic intermediate material and must be surface-decorated before it can be used officially. Therefore, the glass magnesium fireproof board is used in the same way as the wood board, and can be made into various decorations by sawing, planing, nailing and other processing techniques. The structure of the work, through the finishing of latex paint, wallpaper, ceramic wall tiles, finishing the decoration project. As one of the optional plates for the ceiling, the glass magnesium fireproof board has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, sawing, nailing, sticking, coating and brushing. It is suitable for living room, office building, hotel, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, airport, subway, library, conference hall, sports field, museum, factory building, etc.

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