The mahogany home has a craft called round

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The mahogany home has a manufacturing process called round round.

What is a round package?

The mahogany furniture production process is round and round, which is literally understood as the round legs are wrapped by the rounded legs and the sides of the legs. Of course, the edges are also chamfered to make a mixed surface. Viewed from the side, the round legs are covered by the edges of the circular arc-shaped outer contour, the hem, and the leg coverings. More attention to it, there is also the method of making the dip on the side of the crotch and the leg-legs, that is, one material makes a double-mixed surface or even more mixed surfaces, visually increases the thickness and increases the level of the package, and then doubles The circle-shaped clip flower is amazing.

First, the structure of the round package is exquisite. Not all round rounds are used. The side and the leg are made of square material to make the mixed surface. The inner surface that you can't see is still square, and a small section of the round leg and the leg is crossed to form a round shape, so as to embed the scorpion.

Second, the round and round structure is exquisite. The outer skin of the scorpion is cut into a 45-degree angle, intersecting with an adjacent lattice corner; the skin is left to be wrapped into the squint on the leg and the scorpion has a lattice angle, and some are long and short. The ends of each side of the hem are angled and cut through the eyes. The length of the top of the leg is not required to pass through the mortise on the side of the hem, and then the squint of the four corners of the face. Therefore, the length of the leg of the leg with the leg is longer.  

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