Cucumber pest control

According to the China Pesticide Network , the diseases that harm cucumber are mainly: downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose and blight.
Downy mildew prevention: Downy mildew is a fungal disease, the humidity is too large, and there are water droplets on the leaves, which is a necessary condition for infection of downy mildew. Cultivation management and morbidity are closely related, especially in the case of lack of fertilizer. In management, pay attention to ventilation and reduce air humidity. It can also be used to kill downy mildew by high temperature and high humidity. The specific method is: in the case of large air humidity in the shed after irrigation, the greenhouse is closed at noon on sunny days, so that the temperature inside the shed is as high as 35 ° C or more, and after 2 hours of suffocating shed, the air is gradually ventilated to cool down. Pesticide control can be selected from 25% of Resveratrol 600-800 times solution, or 25% metalaxyl manganese zinc 500-600 times solution, or 40% nail cream copper 500 times solution, or 64% anti-virus 矾 400 times solution, or 40% ethyl aluminum phosphate (Phytophthora net) 500 times liquid spray. Before the onset and at the beginning of the onset, the bacteriostatic agent can be used for 2 to 3 times.
Powdery mildew prevention: Powdery mildew is prone to occur when the air is slightly dry. It can be controlled by 400 times Fumei or 300 times wettable sulfur powder, or 15% powder rust 1500-2000 times liquid, or 40% cefenone 800 times liquid and agricultural anti-120 200 times liquid.
Prevention and treatment of anthracnose: control with 50% carbendazim 500-600 times solution and 50% anthrax fumei 400 times solution.
Control of Fusarium: The disease is extremely harmful in the case of continuous cropping, and it usually occurs at the beginning of the harvest period, but it also occurs at the seedling stage. Mainly adopt comprehensive prevention and control. Rotating the land, deepening the land, increasing the application of farmyard manure, using small sorghum cultivation, properly controlling fresh water, strengthening cultivating loose soil, using pumpkin as a rootstock for grafting and soil treatment (mixing 2.5 kg per 667 square meters with fine soil) Evenly, when planted, sprinkle around the bandits and then seal the soil). It can also be used with 64% bacteria and 600 times liquid, and treated with 500 times liquid.
The main pests are aphids, whitefly, and jaundice. White powder cockroaches are controlled by cockroaches, kungfu, etc.; mites kill and kill cockroaches, kill mites and dimethoate, etc.; jaundice is controlled by dicofol.

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