Several factors affecting the quality of the lifting chain

1. The main part of the lifting chain is the tightness, and the most prone to tight spots is the inclination of the doors and windows, especially the doors. If the welding is not good, cracking will occur after a certain strength and pressure. Broken condition. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to whether the inclination of the doors and windows is manual welding. If the welding is manual, the heat insulation and pressure resistance of the doors and windows cannot reach a higher standard.
2. The structure of the lifting chain is different, and its hardware Accessories are also different. Different opening methods also make the sealing of doors and windows very different, and their prices are not the same. In general, if the hardware accessories are selected from imported brands, the price and quality are relatively higher. Of course, some small brands with slightly inferior brands may reduce their parts to save costs. For example, if they are to be double-locked, they may be changed to a single set of accessories.

3. Just because of other accessories such as glass, sealant, etc. will also affect the quality. The rubber strip is the key to heat preservation and sealing. The products of professional manufacturers are resistant to aging, have high corrosion resistance and strength, and some inferior products cannot withstand high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, and are easily discolored.

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