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Brand Remodeling Belt Belt Co., Ltd. Competitiveness As China's economy transitions from high-speed to medium-speed development, traditional marketing models in many industries are facing severe challenges. Fighting costs and fighting low prices is already a backward means. Functional leading products, intimate and unique services, and legendary brands constitute the core competitiveness of enterprises under the new economic model.

The current stage of the market in China is a state of calm after the overheating of the economy. At this stage, the degree of consumer recognition and dependence on excellent brands is greatly increased. In the paint industry, brand development has been lagging behind that of other industries, consumers are familiar with There are so few famous brands, brand marketing has become an urgent new topic in the coatings industry.

In today's information age, there are many means and channels for brand marketing, and the choice of channels for use determines the outcome of brand building. In many ways, exhibition marketing is one of the most direct and effective means. At the Shanghai Coatings Exhibition in 2012, they successfully threw the thrill of becoming famous overnight and became a model of brand marketing. For example, Wenzhou Enamel participated in the 2012 Shanghai Coatings Exhibition with a high profile. At the exhibition, it not only set up a beautiful booth, but also actively participated in the organizer's 2011CCTOP10 most popular wood coating brand selection activities, waterborne wood coating paint coating contest, Water-based paint coating training courses and spray equipment used to provide the site of the competition, they at the show a series of initiatives, causing a lot of downstream users attention, causing the news media hot discussion, there are auto manufacturers to take the initiative to discuss business, and there are investors It also throws olive branches. Zhuhai's flying aspartame polyurea products have also been widely publicized to downstream users in the exhibition and exhibition forum reports, and they have been very successful. Such examples are numerous. Therefore, the use of the paint exhibition as an advertising platform is one of the direct and effective ways to reshape the brand at this stage.

Participating in an influential exhibition that represents the image of the industry is also a matter that companies have been thinking about. CCS International Coatings Exhibition is the only exhibition in China to create a fully coated industrial chain and represents the development direction of the industry. The products covered by the exhibition include finished paint, painting equipment, coating preparation equipment and raw materials for coating, August 15-17, 2013. On the 17th, the 17th exhibition will be grandly opened. The exhibition experience for 17 consecutive years of finished product coatings has made this exhibition more and more mature. Various forums, thematic activities, brand selection, and Weibo interactive etc. have become exhibitors. The tool for the construction of the brand was favored by the coating company and was hailed by the media and exhibitors as the vane of the paint industry.

Selecting the right exhibition will expand the influence of the corporate brand. Because standing on the shoulders of the giants, the eyes will look farther, and they will surely attract more attention.

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