Sanitary ware industry promotion difficult to solve the problem

Sanitary ware industry promotion difficult to solve the problem In 2012, many sanitary ware manufacturers invested more than ever before in their promotional activities. Because the business of dealers is relatively light, they are looking forward to holiday promotions. They want to engage in a big promotion this time to increase their confidence. At present, the market is still not warming up. Promotional activities are also difficult to see the expected results. They are just a little better than usual and can only increase sales in the short term. It is difficult to provide substantial help. In the long run, sanitary ware products Brands, strategies, etc. are the key to development. Regarding the market trend of the sanitary ware industry in 2013, industry insiders said that it is still difficult to estimate.

Sales promotion is only possible to help sanitary companies solve sales problems in the short term, and people in the industry agree that “The cost of sanitary companies continues to increase this year, but many bathroom companies have not raised their prices, and production costs may be seen by everyone, but sales Costs, publicity costs and other hidden costs are also a great pressure on companies, and promotion is not a good strategy, often not because of the willingness of the company, but because of various reasons and promotions, such as encouraging distributors, expanding the market, increasing sales, etc. , And the effect of the promotion in the past two years has been worse than ever. Bathroom companies have a bottom in their hearts, and promotions will not have much effect at this time."

In addition to relying on promotions to increase sales, sanitary ware companies can also optimize and integrate this time period. For example, they can conduct training on shopping guides, allow consumers to recognize the company's brand through careful and professional services, and spread the brand through their reputation. More extensive. Really stand on the perspective of serving consumers to think about new marketing strategies, allowing consumers to consciously accept products psychologically, resonate with them ideologically, and expand the role of promotions.

Therefore, the promotion of the current sanitary industry does exist, but the help is limited, a temporary solution, if the bathroom industry wants to get better development, it should actively innovate!

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