What should I pay attention to when decorating the bedroom?

User "ktony" asks: My home is under renovation, I need to buy two bedroom lamps, I hope to feel a softer atmosphere, and I am afraid that the room is too dark. What problems should I pay attention to when purchasing bedroom lamps?

Ke District Decoration Association A: When buying bedroom lamps, you need to pay attention to the following taboos -

The first is to avoid using a strong light. Too strong lighting will not only hurt your eyes, but also make you feel refreshed and unable to sleep. The public can choose to arrange multiple light sources in the bedroom, and provide the light intensity of each light source as needed. A single source that is too strong will create a feeling of depression.

The second is to avoid using fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lights can destroy the mood of the bedroom. Light and warm incandescent lamps and led lights can be used in the bedroom to increase the gentle, elegant and comfortable atmosphere of the room.

The third is to avoid the bedside lamp is too bright. The bedside lamp should not be too bright, and should not be placed on the bedside table. It is best to fix it on the left and right sides of the bed, and it is better to choose a wall lamp that can be freely adjusted. Make the wall light a bright spot on the bedroom wall.

The fourth is to avoid using direct light. Just like reading light when reading and learning, it is not advisable to use direct light when resting. Direct light can make it difficult to sleep.

The fifth is to determine whether it is a chandelier or a ceiling lamp. The choice is mainly based on the height of the floor. If the floor height is less than 2.6 meters, it is not appropriate to use the chandelier.

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