Experts teach you how to choose kitchen tiles

The selection of kitchen and bathroom tiles in home decoration is also a very important part. First of all, it is necessary to find out the types of kitchen tiles, select according to needs and actual conditions, and there are several details to be noted in the selection. Here's how to buy kitchen tiles.

First, before picking out the quality of a particular tile, first determine the style and type of tiles to buy.

1. Determine the tile style

Choosing the design style of the tiles is the first step in decorating the materials and plays a decisive role. However, many consumers do not pay attention to the selection of ceramic tiles because of narrow kitchen space. In fact, the color and paving techniques of tiles can affect the overall visual effects of kitchens and bathrooms.

Determine the style of the entire home improvement and then select the tiles. Different styles will have different combinations. Pictured above is a kitchen model of a ceramic shop, which can be seen as a retro European style. So after determining the style, select the tiles to make the whole house's decoration style uniform.

2. Distinguish the type of tile

After determining the style of the tiles, the next step is to distinguish the types of tiles. Loulan ceramic shopping guide introduction, the current market, ceramic tiles are divided into glazed tiles and polished tiles. Glazed tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and polished tiles are mostly used in the living room. Only by clarifying the types of tiles can you not be fooled when choosing tiles.

3. Select the appropriate material

Kitchens and bathrooms are places that are prone to water, causing the ground to be slippery. In order to ensure safety and health, the kitchen and the best choice of bricks rough surface, increase friction, to achieve the effect of non-slip. Shopping guide recommendations consumers, the best choice for a little better material tiles, because the tile decoration and wood floor decoration is different, the tile is very cumbersome to redecorate, it is best to be a decoration in place, do not lose due to small.

Second, after determining the type of tiles to be selected, it begins to identify the quality of the tiles.

1. Look

Shopping guide introduced to us, good quality tiles should be uniform first color, surface finish and flatness is better. The glaze should be uniform, bright, spotless, lack of glaze, bumps, and the edges should be regular. Glazing is not bright, astringent, or air bubbles are quality problems. Second, the surrounding rules and patterns are complete. After purchase, consumers can extract a few slices from the same package, comparing whether there are defects such as chromatic aberration, deformation, lack of edges and corners.

2. Listen

Introductory introduction, you can take a piece of brick to knock another piece, or use other hard objects to knock on the brick. If the sound of the brick is crisp and loud, it means that the brick is of good quality and cooked. If the sound is abnormal, there is a heavy skin or crack in the brick.

When the heavy skin is formed by the brick, the air in the material is not discharged, resulting in poor bonding between the material and the material, internal cracking, and invisible from the surface. Only listening to sound can be identified. Can also be the left hand thumb, index finger and middle finger clip a corner of the tile, easy to hang down, with the right index finger hit the lower part of the tile, such as the voice clear, sweet ears for the top grade, such as sound dull, cloudy for the next product.

3. Try

Drop water droplets on the back of the tile to see how fast the water spreads after it has spread. In general, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tiles and the better the quality. On the contrary, the quicker the water absorption shows that the density is sparse and its quality is inferior to the former.

4. Amount

The higher the tile side length accuracy, the better the effect after the paving. Buying high-quality tiles is not only easy to construct but also saves man-hours and accessories. With a tape measure, there is no difference in the size of each tile, and the highest precision is the top grade. The bricks can be erected one by one, comparing whether the bricks are the same size, the deviation of small bricks is allowed to be plus or minus 1 mm, and the large bricks are allowed to be plus or minus 2 mm.

Third, attach importance to brand technology is equally important

The brand is also a criterion for buying tiles. Introduction to shopping guides, the domestic tile brand design style and color, etc., has been in line with international standards, manufacturing processes and technology has been very mature. Among the building materials whose national standard is higher than the European standard, ceramic tile is one of the few building materials. Some domestically produced products are not inferior to well-known foreign brands, but their prices are much lower.

For example, the National Standard Test Method for Ceramic Tiles is a temperature of 150°C and a pressure of 0.5 MPa. However, the internal control standard of Nobel ceramic tile, which is a well-known brand in our country, is allowed to leave the factory only after seven cycles of circulation at a temperature of 180°C and a pressure of 1.0 MPa. Therefore, these domestic first-line brands are very cost-effective, and choosing a domestic brand consumer will not suffer.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a taste of how to buy kitchen tiles. Next time you go to buy kitchen tiles, try these tips and you will be able to choose a cost-effective product.

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