Whether the home store cashier method is independent or unified causes industry controversy

Eleventh Golden Week is approaching, while consumers are paying attention to the various Golden Week promotions that the home store is about to start, the different cashier methods of different stores have also attracted the attention of consumers. The home building materials store currently presents two types of cashier settlement methods. One is the unified charging of the store. The goods purchased by the merchants in the store need to be settled at the checkout counter of the store. The other is that the store provides the venue, according to certain The rent is collected proportionally and settled by the merchants and consumers themselves. The store only grasps the overall trend of the market. For consumers, unified settlement has reassuring after-sales protection, and independent accounting can have more profit-making opportunities. Which method is more suitable for consumers and market demand? The reporter also interviewed the heads of different stores on this issue.
â– Independent accounting and more flexible consumption As a well-known home and building materials store in the north of Beijing, Wanjia Lighting Decoration City has always maintained the business model of independent accounting. Zhang Jing, general manager of Wanjia Lighting, said: "The most obvious benefit of store independent accounting is that it is his convenience. It is not necessary to settle at the checkout counter. The profit margin of the store can also be adjusted by itself." Storefront and consumption Between the people can freely bargain, this is not a small attraction for consumers who want to buy affordable home building products, compared to the fixed settlement of fixed prices, it is easier to meet the consumer price Psychological expectations.
However, if consumers are most worried about the issue of independent settlement of their own interests, Zhang Zong also said: After the consumers pay in any merchants of Wanjia Light Building Materials City, they need to stamp the seal at the front desk. Chapters, such as quality problems after the sale, the store can make advance payment, and coordinate the related responsibilities between the merchant and the consumer.
For merchants, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, merchants have independent accounting, there will be no problem of cash in the store, which will help the capital turnover of these brands, and at the same time give more benefits to consumers. Yan Zhenhua, manager of the operation management department of Shilihe Lighting City, also said: "The business model of independent accounting is more suitable for the development of small and medium-sized brands. Because this settlement method does not have problems such as delay in payment, for these enterprises, cash flow The pressure will be relatively small, so that merchants will be more proactive in formulating business strategies based on market conditions, and the interests of merchants in this area will eventually be returned to consumers."
â–  Unified settlement guarantee is more in place as a unified settlement store, the owner of the Oriental Homeland said that the advantage of the unified cashier is that the store can manage the funds in a unified manner. This kind of mall-based management can make the settlement more transparent, the issue of responsibility It will be more clear. When people consume, they will feel the way to manage the store through unified finance, and their own rights and interests will be more secure. In the store, you can also mobilize as many merchants as possible to participate in various profit-making promotions. Compared with independent accounting stores that do not organize business activities on a large scale, consumers can enjoy double-profit activities in the unified settlement of the store during the specific event period, which is coordinated by the store organization and the store.
Another advantage of the unified cashier is to screen out unqualified or uncompetitive brands. Merchants who want to enter the unified cashier's store must pass the test of the store's cashier system. If the company's own capital chain has too big problems, it will be marketed. And the automatic elimination of the store, but also to some extent to ensure the overall quality and level of the store.
According to Yin Bo, general manager of Lan Jingli, the unified cash register is a kind of shopping service project. As long as the consumer purchases the goods, after the unified settlement at the front desk, the cash register software will automatically record, and the after-sales service system will also start tracking at the same time. This will well avoid some of the problems of unsatisfactory responsibilities of buyers and sellers after the sale. Compared with the stores that are independently accounted for by the store, the transaction responsibilities of the unified cashier store are composed of consumers, merchants and stores. In a transaction, the store acts as a middleman and needs to perform the first accountability system. That is to say, once the merchant has not reached the contract, the product has problems. As a third-party store, it has to bear the corresponding responsibility and pay the consumer first, so as to maximize the priority of the consumer.
â–  Each has its own strengths, and each reporter needs the interviews. Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Branch of the Beijing Market Association, said: For the store, in the unified storage and unified service On the basis of the unified cashier replenishment, the store has transformed from a booth system to a shopping mall, which has greatly evolved and upgraded the entire home building materials market. However, the flexibility of independent accounting in the transaction between the store and the consumer is also a comparison. Advantage. With regard to the development trend of these two settlement methods in the future home market, Secretary-General Liu stressed that unified cashier and independent accounting are two settlement methods that each has its own strengths and needs for consumers. It will not be biased towards one of these ways because of changes in the market.

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