Intelligent LED lights: automatically adjust the lighting range to ensure safety

The famous automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has recently launched a multi-beam intelligent LED car headlight. The independent 84 LED lighting units can be adjusted according to different driving conditions to minimize the accident probability caused by the lighting of the headlights. .

In addition to higher brightness, multi-beam smart LED headlights can solve many complex lighting problems in driving. For example, when driving other vehicles at night, multiple intelligent LED headlights adjust the illumination range by controlling the switches of 84 lighting units to avoid the position of the preceding vehicle. In this way, the driver of the front car will not be disturbed by the glare of the light when looking at the rearview mirror. At the same time, when the vehicle is in the wrong direction with the oncoming vehicle, the multi-beam intelligent LED headlights can also use the camera to avoid the position of the opposite vehicle, thereby preventing the driver of the opposite vehicle from being swayed by the light to the driving safety.

Another special feature of the multi-beam smart LED headlights is the ability to automatically adjust the direction of the light illumination depending on the road turn. Through the vehicle monitoring camera or even the GPS setting route, multiple intelligent LED headlights can predict the driving direction, adjust the lighting direction before turning, and illuminate the entire corner, avoiding accidents that may be caused by the blind corner of the lighting.

In short, the multi-beam intelligent LED headlights not only ensure the driving safety of the driving vehicle itself, but also ensure the safety of other vehicles. However, Mercedes-Benz has not yet announced the 2015 CLS listing plan, and considering that the multi-beam intelligent LED headlights are still in the prototype stage, it is expected to be officially unveiled as early as next year.

Product advantages:

1. 100% fresh aluminum alloy 6063-T5, iron containing is less than 2% , sturdy and durable, full thickness 3.0mm.


2. 3 layer PVDF color coating, thickness more than 80 microns, excellent weather resistance, never fade,More upscale appearance.

3. 100% fresh virgin Bayer polycarbonate sheet, 30-50 micron anti-UV coating, can withstand 75% ultraviolet light, impact strength is 300 times that of ordinary glass, 10 years warranty.


4. The motor adopts the domestic leading brand and is guaranteed for 10 years.

5. Rugged and novel internal design, 3.0mm thick aluminum alloy profile, 4-10mm high strength impact resistant endurance board, can withstand snow loads of 30 to 45 cm.


6. High anti-aluminum structure provides maximum safety even in strong winds (strongest 12 winds) (34m / s strong wind).

Novel structure and easy installation

7. Packaging, protecting the product during shipping and making it easier to install.

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