International Sanitary Ware Exhibition at Milan International Furniture Fair: New Turns in New Products

Bathroom + is the most dynamic space in the home. In 2012, the International Bathroom Exhibition returned to Milan, bringing top products and new twists – a range of natural products designed by internationally renowned designers. This year's show also has a large fitness area, open to all visitors. The exhibition will be held at Halls 22 and 24 of the Milan International Exhibition Center. Although the space of the two pavilions is much larger than the previous exhibitions, all the booths were booked early.
This year is the fourth time in the International Sanitary Ware Show to meet you in Milan. In 2003, it was the first time that the International Sanitary Ware Exhibition was held. At that time, the exhibition area was 2,346 square meters and 42 exhibitors. This year, the exhibition area has expanded to 15,300 square meters and the number of exhibitors has reached 170.
Despite the severe global economic situation, Italian sanitary ware products have achieved steady growth during the period from January to September 2011. In particular, half of the Italian companies exporting to the Middle East countries have achieved growth.
With the increase in the number of sanitary products, from bathroom accessories, furniture, to shower rooms, saunas, sanitary wares, radiators, chair covers, kitchens, faucets, bathtubs and hydromassage bathtubs, the biennial international sanitary ware exhibition has become An important indicator of the international sanitary industry. Today, the use of marble, agate, slate and natural stone has made great strides, moving hand in hand with global design and architectural trends, and the sophisticated design craftsmanship and high-end products have been perfectly integrated.
This year's International Sanitary Ware Show will feature a large fitness area offering massage, aromatherapy and herbal infusions, open to all visitors, and a lounge exclusively for exhibitors and their clients. Both spaces were designed by the architect Piero Russi, who exhibited his office furniture exhibition in Milan last year. These commercial and leisure spaces are exclusive to exhibitors and customers. Disclaimer: This article is an exclusive original manuscript or an exclusive disclosure of information, copyright, if you need to reprint or otherwise copy, please contact

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