What are the steps to renovate a new house

As we all know, the houses delivered by developers are generally in the form of rough houses, which require subsequent decoration to move in. However, many people do not know much about the decoration knowledge, so some people will choose to hand over to the decoration company for decoration. In fact, as long as the main process of decoration is clear, decoration is not a very complicated matter. So what are the steps to renovate a new house ? What should I pay attention to when decorating a new house? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What are the steps to renovate a new house

1. Measuring the area of ​​the house: first of all, the area of ​​the house to be decorated is measured, so that it is convenient to buy the decoration materials, and it can also make a rough budget, so that you know your heart.

2. Design: After measuring the area, ask the designer to design the living room. The owner can communicate the decoration style he wants with the designer clearly. The editor recommends professional design to design, the effect will be very significant.

3. Sign the contract: When the design is completed, the construction can be continued. The construction contract must be signed before construction. When signing the contract, carefully read the details in the contract. Secondly, the contract should clearly indicate the time limit and responsibility. In addition, because the designers have already determined the materials, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. at the time of design, the construction only needs to follow the design drawings.

2. What to pay attention to when decorating a new house

1. The load-bearing wall cannot be dismantled: Through the above description of the steps to renovate the new house, I believe friends all know. Of course, we must pay attention to some issues during construction, for example, the bearing wall is the supporting pillar of the house, and the bearing wall cannot be removed. In general, the load-bearing wall is around the house, so you can't drill holes in the wall. If the load-bearing wall is damaged, it will cause cracks on the wall surface, and in serious cases will endanger the entire house.

2. The bathroom floor should be inclined for waterproofing: the bathroom is the place that uses the most water, so the waterproofing must be dealt with here, first level the ground and lay cement, let it sit for 48 hours, and then observe whether there is water leakage. Secondly, the sanitary floor should be inclined so as to facilitate the flow of water into the sewer so as to better keep the toilet dry.

3. Copper wire for electric wire: Copper wire should be used for electric wire, because the conductive function of copper wire is better, and it is not easy to heat, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of fire. Secondly, the wire cannot be buried directly in the wall. A special sleeve should be used to cover the wire and then buried in the wall, which can also increase the service life of the wire.

4. The kitchen fume must be handled in advance: because the fume is extremely harmful to people, it will also increase the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen in the future. Therefore, when the decoration is started, the fume extraction appliances must be set and high-powered. It is best to use integrated stoves for range hood appliances, because integrated stoves are currently the best in range hoods, and because integrated stoves integrate multiple functions into one, they take up less space, which is very friendly for small units. The Martian integrated stove is more effective in fume extraction in the integrated stove. His family has done a notary experiment of roasting 100 peppers and obtained a national notary certificate. Such a fume extraction effect is not fake. Of course, Martians also have more functions, such as its steamer integrated stove, which has a large capacity. It can steam 8 dishes at a time, which is fast and saves time. It is necessary to install one in the modern kitchen.

Editor's summary: We only need to follow the steps to decorate the new house when we are renovating, then we will not be so passive. If you want to know more about the new house decoration, you can always pay attention to our website, and the following articles will be more practical.

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What, the decoration still uses his own money? ! The Qi family is decorated in installments, with an ultra-low annual interest rate of 3.55% and a maximum loan of 1 million. Apply now to enjoy the discount

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