What are the precautions for decoration and decoration?

As we all know, the decoration of a new house is a big project, and it is time-consuming and laborious. If some details are not dealt with in place, it will affect the subsequent daily life. Therefore, many people do not have enough knowledge about decoration, so decoration is very laborious. So what does the decoration project include? What are the precautions for decoration? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What is included in the decoration project

1. Civil engineering renovation: firstly dismantle the wall, then plan the wiring duct and bottom box, etc.

2. Hydropower concealment project: bury the strong and weak electricity in the living room with pipes, and then use steel wire for threading treatment.

3. Wood, tile, and mud works: construction is based on the principle of who gets dirty first, and the construction method from top to bottom should also be followed. Such as laying floors, suspended ceilings and so on.

4. Installation engineering: mainly for the installation of lamps, sanitary ware, switches, etc.

5. Cleaning: After cleaning the living room, notify the owner for acceptance.

2. Notes on decoration

1. First, find a regular decoration company to carry out the decoration. Only if you choose a professional decoration company, the decoration effect will be better. First, inspect the decoration company, such as the office environment, the ability of construction personnel, designers, etc. Secondly, a good decoration company pays more attention to craftsmanship and materials, and owners can use these as a reference when choosing.

2. When decorating, it is necessary to highlight the primary and secondary, not the decoration of all rooms is the same, should focus on the performance of the room. For example, the living room is mainly used for meeting guests, so its style can be decorated warmly. Secondly, the kitchen and bathroom are relatively humid places, so the material used for the ceiling should be selected from corrosion-resistant and moisture-proof plates.

3. The load-bearing wall of the living room cannot be modified at will, such as removing the connecting balcony, doors and windows, or expanding the size of the original doors and windows. This method will cause cracks on the wall surface. Directly shorten the service life of the building. Secondly, copper wires should be used instead of aluminum wires, because aluminum wires have poor thermal conductivity and are likely to cause fire in use. Moreover, the construction of the buried wire should also be reasonable. The wire cannot be buried directly in the wall, and it should be installed with a special casing, which effectively avoids the occurrence of fire.

Editor's summary: For those who don't have any experience in decoration and decoration , it is really difficult to decorate the house. But as long as you know more about this before decorating, and then pay attention to the details of the decoration, then the decoration will be easy.

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