Three-bedroom, two-bedroom decoration design method, three-bedroom, two-bedroom decoration design style

When we were decorating our home, especially the three-bedroom and two-bedroom houses were very well decorated. Living is very convenient. In general, we will select the type of housing required according to the family members to design and decorate. Decoration is actually a very troublesome thing. It is very important to communicate well with the decorator. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration design method, three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration design style.


First, third and second hall decoration design method

1, the decoration of the three-bedroom and two-bedroom houses, first of all should first determine the direction of the decoration, like modern minimalist style, Chinese style or European style, etc., according to personal preferences and living habits.

2. Secondly, it is determined whether the furniture is intended to be decorated by furniture or by workers. If the floor space is small and there are multiple functions, it is recommended to use custom furniture. This can not only make rational use of space, but also increase the storage function of space and expand demand.

3, should consider the future of living conditions to allocate rooms, is planning a family of three living or living with their parents, these factors also directly affect the layout of the apartment. The general direction is fixed, and then consider how to decorate the space.

4. We can choose from two aspects: First, make choices based on the size of the house and the condition of the furniture. Generally, the small-sized structure of the house is suitable for single color, and adopts brighter colors, such as light yellow and milk yellow, to increase the sense of openness of the house, and use the color of the house to set off your furniture to make the house simple or elegant.


Second, third and second hall decoration design style

1. In the era when home decoration was just emerging, most people pursued a more luxurious and affluent style. Especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, interior decoration was often a special form of showing off their identity. The owners will ask for a variety of symbolic luxury designs to be embedded in the decoration, such as stained glass ceilings, fireplaces, decorative panels, decorative corners, etc., and basically a material similar to the Baroque style combined with domestically existing materials. .

2. After nearly 10 years of exploration, with the improvement of the living standards of domestic residents and the increase of opening up, people began to yearn for and pursue high-quality life. Around the mid-1990s, people began to use exquisite decorative materials and furniture in the decoration, especially at this time, the domestic designers stepped into the ranks of home decoration design, which brought a new decorative concept.

3. The decorative magazines in Taiwan and Hong Kong that have appeared on the market have opened their eyes. The decorative techniques such as small gardens, cultural stone decorative walls and rain stone that people could not imagine before have appeared in the realistic design. Especially after everyone is accustomed to the decoration phenomenon of “National Decoration and Yellow” caused by the heavy use of Hung Hom, getting close to nature and returning to nature has become one of the goals that people pursue.

The above article is the three-bedroom and two-bedroom decoration design method introduced by Xiaobian, and the three-room and two-bedroom decoration design style. I believe everyone knows after reading it. When decorating the home, you should use decorative materials with good sound insulation and sound absorption. The ceiling can be suspended by a sound-absorbing gypsum board. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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