7 steps to renovate a house

After the owners hand over the new house, they need to start the decoration design of the house, but the house decoration is a very tedious thing, it is a huge challenge for many decoration, and some people do not even understand the order of house decoration. . So what are the sequence of steps to decorate the house , the following article will introduce to you the 7 major steps of the new house renovation.

Steps to decorate the house: first-stage design

The preliminary design of the new house decoration is also very important. During the design, the size of each room needs to be carefully measured to let us know the area that needs decoration design, especially the brick area, wall paint area, and furniture placement. We need to measure the area and so on.

Step two for house decoration: main body dismantling

The main demolition is the first project started when the house is under construction. The project mainly includes demolition of walls, masonry, and heating. After the demolition and modification, the garbage needs to be cleaned in a strong and timely manner to facilitate subsequent construction.

Step three for house decoration: hydropower renovation

Hydropower transformation is a hidden project of the house. Construction needs to be done carefully. If the hydropower transformation is not done well, it will have a certain impact on our future lives.

Step 4 of decorating the house: carpentry approach

After the hydropower transformation, carpenters can enter the field. Carpenters, bricklayers and oilers are the three brothers in the construction process. Carpenters are usually the first to appear. Carpenters are mainly responsible for door and window, floor installation and furniture production.

Five steps of house decoration: tiling

Bricklayers are mainly responsible for bricklayers. Before the carpentry is over, bricklayers can be put in to lay tiles on the floor. There will not be too much conflict between the two.

Step 6 of decorating the house: paint the wall

The painter is mainly responsible for oil painting, mainly for the primary treatment of the wall surface, painting putty powder and topcoat and painting furniture. If you need to paste the wallpaper, you only need to do the basic treatment on the wall.

Seven steps of house decoration: kitchen and bathroom ceiling

After the wall is painted, you can start to install the kitchen and bathroom ceiling. We need to prepare the kitchen and bathroom moisture-proof ceiling lights, exhaust fans, and bathroom heaters, and then install them together on the integrated ceiling. hole.

Summary of the article: The above is the relevant introduction about the order of the steps to decorate the house . I hope that I can give some help to the friends who are decorating the house, let them understand the correct order of the house decoration, and let you have a healthy and comfortable green space.

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