How much is a sliding door how to buy a sliding door

House decoration needs to buy various decoration materials, and the purchase of sliding doors is also indispensable, but the price is chaotic when buying sliding doors, and I don't know how to choose. Then, the following editors will share with you how much the sliding door is , and how to buy the sliding door.

1. How much is the sliding door

1. There is no fixed price for the sliding door . Mainly depends on what material, brand, size, specification, thickness, etc. you choose, these are factors that affect the price.

2. How much is the sliding door , the ordinary price is about 150-200 yuan, the mid-range price is about 200-260 yuan, the more expensive price is about 300-420 yuan, and even more expensive, depending on your own Choose what kind. (Price is for reference only)

About how much the sliding door is flat, I have introduced it here. You can refer to it, choose the right price according to your budget, and then we learn how to buy the sliding door together.

Second, how to buy sliding doors

1. Look at the sliding door style

First of all, what we need to consider when choosing a sliding door is the style. If it is your favorite style, then you can match it according to your home decoration style. If you feel that the coordination is coordinated, then this door is the most suitable for your home; if not If appropriate, it is recommended to change the style.

2. Color selection

If your home chooses the red mouth line, you can choose the white sliding door combination, which has a special flavor combination. White is a versatile color, to avoid matching two different heavy colors together.

3. Look at the thickness of the profile

The thickness of the profile is divided into the national standard and the non-national standard. You can use the u standard caliper to measure. The non-standard of the same series is thinner than the national standard. There are many family doors 1.4, if it is the national standard, 1.2 can do 2.3 * 2.3 two.

4. Look at the pulley

Pulleys are the most important and most easily overlooked. A good sliding door uses two sets of pulleys. The upper wheel is adjustable and plays a guiding role, and the lower wheel is best when it is pushed without jumping.

5. Choose glass

Considering the safety of family members, we must choose tempered glass. The sliding door generally uses 5mm tempered glass, and some small workshops use 4mm tempered glass, the quality of the door will be reduced, and the tempered glass is marked with "3c".

6. Track height

A reasonable ground rail design affects the comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose a style that has a good foot feel and is easy to clean. For the safety of the elderly and children at home, the height of the ground rail should not exceed 5mm.

Editor's summary: The above is about how much is the sliding door , and how to buy sliding door related content, you can refer to the above when purchasing, choose a suitable sliding door to decorate your home, let the entire decoration grade Get promoted.

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