Kiwifruit pest control in high temperature weather

In the summer, the weather is high temperature and high humidity. In this environment, root rot, root knot nematode, leaf mold and other diseases, as well as insects such as scale insects and chafers, are prone to occur in kiwifruit fields. For these pests and diseases, the following methods can be used to prevent and control:

1. Field management: rational fertilizer and water implementation of orchard standard management work, fixed production of fertilizer, reasonable load, to ensure the robust growth of the tree, improve resistance. To avoid large fat and excessive load, it is easy to cause root damage, the tree is weak, and it provides favorable conditions for pests and diseases.

2, timely pruning: cut off the dense branches, pests and branches, and shoots, long branches, no space from the base to be removed, there is space to retain. The long branches that are issued are no longer cut or topped, avoiding the tender shoots and freezing to death in winter.

3, pest control: in the early stage of the disease should be timely prevention and treatment with targeted agents, with the new high-fat film spray together, can improve the control effect, inhibit viral infection. The general manager of the tree should be sprayed in time to disinfect the whole garden, absorb the ultraviolet disinfection of the sun, inhibit the pathogenesis and transmission of the airborne virus, and improve the plant immunity and health index.

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