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Fountain technical guidance

The fountain is a flowing art, and the beautiful fountain gives people unlimited enjoyment. With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards has raised people's requirements for landscape design. In modern urban garden landscape design, water is an indispensable part, and fountain is one of the most important attractions, so regardless of In the design of the park, in the urban planning, or in the design of the community, the design and application of the fountain is crucial.

The fountain uses a modern circulation system to make the water move and avoid the formation of stagnant water and stinky water, which can effectively save water resources and enhance wastewater utilization.

The fountain is rich in shape and strong in appearance. The fountain can form a spectacular sound effect landscape, with music more beautiful, can form a variety of shapes, lively, spectacular and colorful night landscape, is the theme of night appreciation.

The fountain can utilize the water system, and the water of the fountain can be reused by the green water, thus achieving the purpose of water saving. In addition, the fountain can increase the humidity of the air.

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Window Screen 

In generally, the Window Screen including Stainless Steel Window Screen, Aluminum Window Screen, alloy window screen, fiberglass window screen, etc .

The weave type is flat weaving. 

Surface treatment of window screen: painted, glavanized, PVC, etc . 

The window screen is generally used in hotels, public construction, civil buiding block of the mosquitoes and other insects.

Advantages of window screen : 

light weight 

good toughness 


ventilated good corrosion resistance 

easy to clean 

Window Screen

Window Screen

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