How to choose a sink for the kitchen? Consider the size of the structure, pay attention to the material details

The sink is an indispensable part of the kitchen. With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level and aesthetic concept, traditional cement and ceramic sinks are quietly retired from the modern family kitchen. The stainless steel sink has gradually become the protagonist of the market due to its practicability, lightness and durability.

Various structures

The structure of the water tank is generally divided into a single basin type, a double basin type, a three basin type and a wing type, of which a single basin type and a double basin type are more commonly used. The insiders suggest: "In general, the single basin sink is more suitable for the kitchen with smaller space, which can meet the basic cleaning function of the user. There is also a large single basin sink on the market, the basin is large, and the tank is large. It is not easy to bump when cleaning large-sized tableware, and it is more convenient and comfortable to use.” There is a long basin-shaped sink with a length of more than 900 mm on the market.

The double basin type sink is very practical. It is usually a double basin, which is a main basin plus an auxiliary basin, which is more suitable for large kitchens. The mother-of-pearl has a certain "division of labor", the main basin is used to clean dishes and ingredients, and the auxiliary basin is mainly used for cleaning or filtering water. According to experts, the standard sink size design is generally about 20 cm in depth, which makes washing dishes more convenient and prevents splashing of water. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall can increase the use area of ​​the sink. However, it should be noted that if the drain hole is in the center of the sink, the cabinet space will be reduced. Therefore, the water hole should be back, so that the water pipe is installed close to the wall, not only the water is fast, but also the space can be effectively utilized.

Craft material is thin and thick

When consumers buy a sink, they must consult the merchant clearly. To understand the materials used in the sink, it is best to choose a product with a manufacturer's warranty.

Good quality stainless steel sinks will use plates, but should not be too thick, 0.8 to 1 mm is the best thickness. If the thickness of the steel is less than 0.8 mm, the service life of the water tank will be reduced; if it is larger than 1 mm, the tableware will be easily damaged. Since the sink has been edge treated, it is difficult to see the thickness at once. The professional measurement method is to use a vernier caliper and a spiral micrometer.

While paying attention to the thickness, attention should also be paid to the weight. According to the professional, stainless steel is used as a kind of iron alloy, which will add nickel, chromium and other metals. These metals have a larger specific gravity than steel, so in the case of the same thickness, the weight of such steel plates will be heavier. In addition, the selection of stainless steel sinks, not only to look beautiful, but also to pay attention to its practicality. For example, you should carefully observe the design details of the sink, especially the quality of the steel ball used in the sink port and pipe connection, because this detail is the key to the anti-odor of the sink.

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Label: How to choose a sink for the kitchen? Consider the size of the structure. Note the material details.

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