Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully realized human brain mental control

The sci-fi movie "Avatar" fictionalizes the scientific dream of using the "brain-brain interface" technology to achieve allogeneic biological control. Can the fantasy in the film be realized in reality? Yesterday, the reporter learned from Shanghai Jiaotong University that under the guidance of the instructor Zhang Dingguo, Li Guangyu, a master student of the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, successfully used the human brain to control the living body. This is only under the command of the human brain, and has completed tasks such as S-shaped trajectories and Z-shaped trajectories.

Establish a functional "brain-brain interface"

According to reports, the study established a functional "brain-brain interface" between the human brain and the brain, sending human brain signals to the brain, and realizing the remote wireless control of the human brain's movement.

The controller wears a portable wireless EEG acquisition device. The controller generates a direction control intention according to visual feedback and visual stimulation. The computer program decodes the EEG signal, recognizes the controller's control intention, and controls the intention to convert to the control command. The electronic backpack receiver is sent to the sputum; the antennae of the cerebral palsy are implanted with an electro-stimulated microelectrode, thus creating a controllable living "machine animal".

Using Bluetooth communication technology to establish wireless communication between the computer and the electronic backpack, the electronic backpack can receive instructions from the controller's brain, and send specific patterns of electrical pulses to the sacral sensation nerve through invasive nerve electrical stimulation technology, thereby achieving human brain confrontation. Control of movement.

According to reports, the achievement won the second place in the 2015 International Robotics and Automation Society (IEEERAS) Student Video Competition. This study enabled the human brain to control the S-shaped trajectory and the Z-shaped trajectory in real time. The researchers pointed out that this technology has expanded the traditional brain-computer interface technology, and initially tried the "Avatar"-style brain-brain communication. In the future, it can also be used in real-time complex terrain detection and risk-removal operations, and also for "brain networking". The foundation for the rise of reserve technology.

It is reported that the researchers will continue to improve the control mode in the near future, and realize multi-person collaborative control of multiple competition mode demonstrations.

Brain remote control command experiment is not the first case

It is reported that the experiment of handing over the remote control of foreign objects by college students is not the first in China. As early as 2012, Zhejiang University realized the monkey's use of mind control robots through microchips.

According to reports, in order to complete this experiment, researchers must first implant two 4 mm × 4 mm chips (96 electrodes) in the motor cortex of a monkey brain. These two chips are connected to more than 200 neurons. Used to sense pulses from nerve cells. The other end of the chip is connected to a computer that records the nerve signal of the monkey in one move.

Researchers then use computer information technology to successfully extract and decipher the neural signals of the monkey brain about grasping, hooking, gripping, and pinching the four gestures, so that the monkey's "ideas" can directly control the external manipulator.

It is understood that the experiment of implanting chips into animals and even human brains must be reviewed by relevant departments. For example, the experiment at Zhejiang University needs to be demonstrated and approved by the Animal Ethics Committee.

It is predicted that in the future, humans can directly communicate with the operating system and software of a personal computer through brain information, and can open programs and write notes on the computer without using a mouse and a keyboard. Related technologies can be developed into a "brainnet" in the future, allowing humans to communicate directly with brain messages.

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